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Below the top 1000, Part 1 (Girls)

From now on, I will be posting names from the bottom of the pot – the names that didn’t make it into the top 1000 in 2015, but still registered some use in America!  I will post once a week, alternating between the girls’ and boys’ names.  Before the new data came out, I posted some of the bottom names from 2014.  This is a new set!  

This week’s set includes names that were given to between 200 and 266 baby girls in the U.S. last year.  Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of classic and modern names! 

  • 260-266: Mollie, Aadhya, Mattie, Mavis, Mercy, Antonia, India, Miley, Raylee, Antonella, Regan, Robin
  • 250-259: Cambria, Devyn, Diamond, Diya, Poppy, Anais, Anniston, Ellery, Addalyn, Charleston, Robyn
  • 240-249: Temperance, Belle, Chandler, Shannon, Araceli, Taryn, Carina, Promise, Ayanna, Sonia, August, Etta, Ramona, Treasure, Louise, Vada, Vivien
  • 230-239: Renee, Patience, Mercedes, Sailor, Honesty, Magdalena, Marian, Maylee, Scout, Maxine, Reign, Kourtney
  • 220-229: Taraji, Opal, Jubilee, Tess, Addie, Adela, Fallon, Itzayana, Adalee, Campbell, Rosalyn, Adilene, Sally, Sherlyn, Whitley, Bree, Maisy, Xiomara
  • 210-219: Calliope, Royalty, Gracyn, Sunny, Baylor, Elodie, Novalee, Davina, Florence, Marlene, Selene, Karma, Cecily, Sylvie, Winnie
  • 200-209: Annalise, Beatrix, Theresa, Malayah, Noel, Ailani, Ezra, Stacy, Leela, Giada, Raya, Seraphina, Violette, Charity, Geneva, Bexley, Elayna

What do you think of these? 

3 thoughts on “Below the top 1000, Part 1 (Girls)

    1. Yeah, Stacy fell out of the top 1000 a few years ago. A lot of names become fashionable for a short period, and then subsequently outdated. That’s what’s happening to 80/90s favorites like Brittany, Courtney, and Heather right now. This is opposed to so-called “timeless” names like Elizabeth or John, which are prevalent among all living generations. This doesn’t mean one group of names is better or worse, but regarding the former category it does mean that people’s ages can often be identified by their names.

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