Who am I?

My name is Elizabeth, and I created this blog on St. Patrick’s Day, 2016. I’m a semi-recent college graduate with a passion for names! I spent a few years as a sommelier and now split my time between bookselling and beer sales. Hopefully in another year or two, I’ll start library school so I can find my forever job.

My name journey started in preschool or kindergarten, when I began naming my dolls based on the personalities I imagined for them. By age 8 or 9 I was “educating” pregnant relatives as to why they should name their baby such-and-such. When studying for the spelling bee during middle school, I discovered the “given names” section of my international dictionary. Soon afterwards, I tripped down the internet rabbit hole and realized a lifelong hobby.

Over the years I’ve discovered that it’s possible to learn a lot about names – what they mean, how popular they are, and all sorts of other data. I also realized that a lot of people take to the internet for advice on naming their babies. Sometimes they’ll also look for advice on naming their pets or cars, which is cool too!

Primarily, I focus on American baby names – especially rare ones. I call my website The Well-Informed Namer because I want you to know all about names. There’s a lot to them, and I believe it was Shakespeare who inquired: “What’s in a name?”

8 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. Oh and I have an idea for your posts (you can use it if you want): when you get to really know some bloggers, you can do posts about what their names mean! It’ll make them feel special about themselves and love who they are.

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      1. As for posting about meanings – I would definitely love to do that! Usually I focus on name usage since it allows a degree of objectivity and because I don’t want to post incorrect information (even accidentally). In the future though, when I write profiles on individual names, I will try to include meanings if I find them! 🙂

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    2. Hi Jo! It appears to be a feminine form of John, akin to Johanna, Ioanna, or Jane. In which case, it derives from Hebrew and means something like “God is good” or “God is gracious.”
      Jovana is really cool and unique, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

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