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Rare ‘L’ Baby Names for Boys in 2016

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There are only a few hundred rare ‘L’ names for boys that appeared in the U.S. set for 2016, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as distinctive as the many girls’ names that start with this letter! Here are some:

  • 100-195 boys named: Lian, Lathan, Ledger, Lucius, Lev, Link, Lyndon, Lazarus, Linus, Laith, Lamont, Levon, Linkin, Lonnie, Lloyd, Lars, Lyam, Lester
  • 50-99: Luther, Luc, Lazaro, Loki, Leopold, Leander, Lucio, Legacy, Lex, Locke, Lake, Lenin, Liev, Levy, Loyal, Lucky, Laron, Lisandro, Leviticus
  • 25-49: Lemuel, Leobardo, Lino, Larson, Lexington, Llewyn, Latrell, Lowell, Lyon, Lakota, Lazer, Leopoldo, Luqman, Lipa, Lashawn, Luigi, Landis, Lamarion, Lamonte, Lleyton, Lux, Lamarcus, Laquan, Lawton, Lowen, Loic, Lebron, Lyfe, Laszlo, Leonid, Leviathan, Lior, Lysander
  • 10-24: Lestat, Louden, Liban, Lando, Lavern, Legion, Lord, Lion, Lizandro, Lukasz, Lander, Lavonte, Ladd, Latham, Lorenz, Luisangel, Lyman, Laksh, Langdon, Lafayette, Leonides, Les, Luay, Lenard, Long, Lucifer, Lain, Laird, Lakendrick, Lambert, Lamine, Leith, Leone, Lofton, Lorcan, Lynx, Laurent, Law, Lazar, Lazlo, Leaf, Leib, Leodan, Levar, Lj, Lantz, Lehi, Leibish, Len, Lewi, Lon, Lonnell
  • 9: Lancelot, Lang, Lemmy, Leno, Librado, Lydon, Lynn
  • 8: Lamichael, Lanson, Latroy, Leovanni, Leto, Linux, Linwood, Ludwig
  • 7: Lakeland, Lamond, Lawayne, Lay, Lesean, Levitt, Livingston, Lowry
  • 6: Laakea, Laison, Lamarius, Laughlin, Laverne, Leandrew, Leanthony, Leart, Lennard, Lew, Lexander, Linton, Liston, Llewellyn, Lorne, Lucchese
  • 5: Lafe, Lakshan, Lakshya, Lanceton, Laquinton, Lasana, Latravious, Lavaughn, Lavith, Lawaia, Ledge, Lexiel, Light, Logic, Lonzo, Ludwing, Luffy, Luv, Lycan

Do you have a favorite name in this list, or a favorite ‘L’ name in general?  I’m personally a big fan of Lazarus, Laszlo, Leopold, and Lysander

Oh and yes, people really do name their sons Lucifer – it’s always very rare, though lately it’s ticked up a little due to the TV show.

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