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They’re here! The 10 most popular baby names of 2015

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.25.08 AM

Wow!  The Social Security Administration published a these a few minutes BEFORE the Today Show.  Let’s take a first look at the top 10 for 2015, and how that compares to 2014.

The #1 most popular names in the country are still Noah and Emma

The entire Top 10 (Boys):

  1. Noah (0)
  2. Liam (0)
  3. Mason (0)
  4. Jacob (0)
  5. William (0)
  6. Ethan (0)
  7. James (+2)
  8. Alexander (0)
  9. Michael (-2)
  10. Benjamin (new, +2)

The entire Top 10 (Girls):

  1. Emma (0)
  2. Olivia (0)
  3. Sophia (0)
  4. Ava (+1)
  5. Isabella (-1)
  6. Mia (0)
  7. Abigail (+1)
  8. Emily (-1)
  9. Charlotte (+1)
  10. Harper (new, +1)

Positions #2 and #3 have also stayed the same.  Liam, Mason, Olivia, and Sophia are apparently all stable and enjoy the same ranks as last year. 

I was surprised that Jacob didn’t drop to #7, since last I checked it was declining in usage.  It stayed the same rank, as did #5 and #6, Ethan and William.

The first change among the boys’ names that we encounter is at #7.  James moved up two places from #9, while Michael slipped down into James‘s old spot.  Alexander was stable at #8.

There is one new boys’ name in the top 10!  Benjamin was ranked #12 at last count.  The name that fell out of the top 10: Daniel.

Ava and Isabella switched places in the ranks.  Mia stayed stable, but subsequent Abigail and Emily switched places after MiaCharlotte moved up one rank!

Harper is now a #10 name!  Madison is knocked out. 

Compare to my top 10 predictions here.  I have to say – I’m wrong about some things, but I’m pleasantly surprised.  It’s interesting how stable the top 10 names were this year! 




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