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Rare ‘F’ Baby Names in 2016

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‘F’ is an uncommon letter for baby names. Indeed, I’ve managed to fit girls’ and boys’ names into just one post!

As always, the data for this post comes from the Social Security Administration, which publishes information on American baby names that have been used at least 5 times in a given year. All the names below fell somewhere below the top 1000 last year (2016).


  • 100-246 babies: Florence, Fallon, Flora, Freyja, Faigy
  • 50-99: Fatoumata, Fabiola, Fern, Fiorella, Flor, Francine, Faiga, Farida, Fabiana
  • 25-49: Felicia, Frieda, Fatou, Fraidy, Fanta, Faiza, Fatuma, Faithlynn, Fae, Fanny, Fajr, Filomena, Freedom
  • 10-24: Faustina, Forever, Favor, Fiora, Flavia, Fia, Fradel, Fawn, Faelyn, Frimet, Florencia, Farhiya, Fable, Fariha, Fatiha, Fatimazahra, Fleur, Farzona, Federica, Fortune, Fairy, Fenna, Fionnuala, Firdaus, Fiza, Flannery
  • 5-9: Fariza, Faryal, Folasade, Frimmy, Fancy, Fenet, Fahima, Fairen, Faithful, Fantasia, Farheen, Fate, Fauna, Feather, Fiyinfoluwa, Furiosa, Faraday, Fatimatou, Faven, Felicitas, Finely, Francina, Franziska, Fabiha, Fadeelah, Fadia, Fartun, Faustine, Fayrouz, Fe, Fedora, Femi, Flourish, Flower, Fotini, Francia, Franklynn, Frederica


  • 100-186 babies: Finnian, Forest, Finnick, Floyd
  • 50-99: Fidel, Fitzgerald, Flint, Faisal, Fabio, Farhan, Farhad, Fritz
  • 25-49: Ferris, Fulton, Fitz, Fausto, Flavio, Fabrizio, Ferdinand, Fenton, Freeman, Fionn, Fintan
  • 10-24: Falcon, Future, Faustino, Franz, Fergus, Florian, Fawaz, Fin, Feliciano, Filiberto, Fishel, Francois, Fuad, Florentino, Faheem, Fielding, Farouk, Friedrich, Fields, Fadi, Farrell, Fitzpatrick
  • 5-9: Florencio, Franciszek, Fortino, Faolan, Fawkes, Fenris, Field, Fielder, Finch, Fitzwilliam, Flash, Froilan, Fabrice, Felton, Fidencio, Fowler, Fuller, Faraj, Faustin, Fender, Feynman, Fionnlagh, Folarin, Fordham, Frasier, Frey, Furious, Fayden, Fennec, Fenrir, Finbar, Forrester, Fortunato, Fraser, Frost

What do you think of these? Do you have a favorite ‘F’ name?

5 thoughts on “Rare ‘F’ Baby Names in 2016

  1. Another great post! My daughter is Fiona – mostly Fee these days (she’s in her 20s) or when little Fifi.
    The spelling of Fee came about as it was easier to text, in the pre smart phone days, F-e-e rather than F-i!
    It’s very hard finding her name on any of those gifts with names on that you find in gift shops/garden centres etc.

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  2. F is one of my favourite letters! Flora, Fern, Frey and Finbar are the ones I’d use from your list, but I enjoyed seeing Faraday!

    Many of these are more popular here in the UK: Florence, Flora, Freyja, Fern, Fleur, Fia, Fenella (and her sister Fritha), Fionn, Finnian, Fintan, Fraser, Finbar and Ferdinand are all names of children I know or have met.

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