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Below the Top 1000, Part 40 (Boys)

For today’s list I’ve narrowed down some American boys’ names used only 7 times in 2015.  Because so many names pool at the bottom of the barrel, I have to be more selective in my showcases now.  All rare names are interesting, but some even more so (wow, that sounds Orwellian…Animal Farm, anyone?).  I’ve mostly excluded creative spellings to contain this already gargantuan list, though there are a few exceptions like Addicus (from Atticus) and Euriah (from Uriah).  This time you’ll see more word-names, surnames, and antiquities.  As always, the data comes from the Social Security Administration

  • 7 boys: Absalom, Acie, Ackley, Addicus, Adeoluwa, Ahking, Alassane, Albara, Alexio, Allante, Amante, Amichai, Andranik, Anubis, Arjay, Attila, Augie, Augustino, Auryn, Avalon, Ayomiposi, Babyboy, Baden, Bam, Bankston, Baptiste, Barak, Bela, Benedikt, Benoit, Bex, Bj, Blessed, Bliss, Branston, Brig, Brittain, Browning, Cable, Cadel, Cadien, Camillo, Carbon, Cashtyn, Caspar, Caswell, Cesario, Chancey, Chaos, Chicago, Chipper, Chord, Clever, Coal, Connolly, Crescencio, Crowley, Cub, Daedalus, Dago, Dajour, Dartanion, Dashton, Decimus, Del, Delvis, Demilade, Denarius, Dextin, Dierk, Dominico, Donal, Doss, Dragon, Drako, Dudley, Dugan, Dupree, Eberardo, Edilson, Eldrick, Elizandro, Emeterio, Emigdio, Emmerick, Enson, Ethanael, Eulalio, Euriah, Evaristo, Ezriah, Favour, Field, Finesse, Finneus, Fordham, Fuller, Gamble, Gavril, Gerry, Goku, Govind, Grayer, Griffey, Grigor, Hades, Hamze, Harbour, Hariharan, Hartford, Haskell, Hikaru, Howell, Hughston, Humphrey, Huntington, Imanuel, Iokepa, Italo, Ivor, Jaafar, Jag, Jahzeel, Jame, Jaquavious, Jasyn, Jathaniel, Jayjay, Jediel, Jexiel, Joaopedro, Johnmatthew, Josafat, Jossiel, Jt, Juanjesus, Juliocesar*, Kamuela, Kanaloa, Kapono, Kastle, Kazuki, Keats, Keefer, Keldan, Kell, Kengo, Kenna, Kentaro, Kentrail, Kermit, Kiril, Kline, Knighton, Kourtland, Kwamaine, Langley, Lazarius, Leandros, Lear, Leigh, Leoncio, Light, Lorcan, Lucifer, Ludovic, Lyzander, Macgregor, Marvelous, Massai, Mccabe, Mirko, Moaz, Mosley, Moss, Nakoda, Naol, Naphtali, Narciso, Nikodem, Nolberto, Ollivander, Onesimo, Osmany, Ovidio, Packer, Parson, Pate, Peace, Pollux, Powell, Primo, Prodigy, Rahm, Rally, Renardo, Ritter, Roane, Roddy, Romance**, Rosalio, Rudolfo, Ryerson, Sabre, Santo, Sasuke, Savage, Savant, Severus, Shalev, Shariff, Shine, Shiva, Silverio, Sinjin**, Socrates, Solace, Solo, Sovereign, Spartacus, Spence, Striker, Tag, Tawfiq, Texas, Theory, Thorn, Tiziano, Tochukwu, Toussaint, Tuf, Turk, Ulrik, Valdemar, Vasudev, Venice, Vinicius, Virgilio, Voss, Watts, Weiland, Welton, Wilde, Wolfram, Yancy, Yedidya, Yeltsin, Yogi, Yohanan, York, Ysrael, Zadiel, Zaion, Zeferino

*Juliocesar – Julius Caesar

**Romance – Interestingly, strictly masculine.

***Sinjin – Phonetic spelling of St. John, which is a surname and the first name of Jane Eyre’s cousin. 

What do you think of these names?  My favorites are Absalom, Daedalus, Decimus, Ivor, Lorcan, Ludovic, Pollux, Severus, and Wolfram.  The biggest eyebrow-raisers for me are Denarius, Savant, and Yeltsin

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