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Below the Top 1000, Part 34 (Boys)

Hello!  I hope you’re having a great Tuesday.  Who’s up for some ultra-rare baby names?

Before I start: not much is new here on the site, though I did make a Twitter poll for yesterday’s post about seasons as baby names.  Pick your favorite season name!  The poll will stay open for about a week, so if you use Twitter, please vote.  My handle is @W_I_Namer.

Anyway, the names!  Today’s selection includes boys’ names only used 10 or 11 times in the U.S. in 2015.  To keep in mind how rare these names are, consider that the #1 name for baby boys (Noah) was used over 19,500 times in the same year.  The data I use comes from the Social Security Administration, which publishes America’s most popular baby names and almost all of the rare ones each year.  Finally, I use a color scheme based on my personal parameters.  Blue means the name was used overwhelmingly (specifically 91-100%) for boys in 2015.  Magenta means that the name was used overwhelmingly (91-100%) for girls in 2015.  Lastly, purple means the name was unisex in 2015.  When the 2016 data comes out, some names will change shades. 

  • 11: Aaidyn, Adams, Adedayo, Aeneas, Ahmadou, Aleric, Alexxander, Andrews, Angelgabriel, Angelus, Arcangel, Artavious, Awesome, Aydric, Basel, Bastien, Benno, Bergen, Bernardino, Bernie, Berry, Brandy, Bretton, Britt, Caellum, Cane, Cartel, Cebastian, Cheyenne, Christobal, Constantino, Courage, Cyprian, Cyprus, Deitrick, Denym, Dodger, Dryden, Duran, Erikson, Filiberto, Florentino, Fredric, Gardner, Georges, Gilead, Hawke, Hektor, Ion, Isidore, Jabin, Jakolby, Jesaiah, Joshia, Kagan, Kyros, Lakeland, Lancelot, Liban, Lindsey, Livingston, Lyonel, Madoc, Marcellino, Marque, Mega, Mercy, Meshulem, Milos, Nahuel, Nilson, Oberon, Oxley, Papa, Philopateer, Piers, Pike, Prometheus, Quintez, Remigio, Rossi, Scotland, Sephiroth, Shadow, Shah, Shimshon, Tank, Thurman, Tor, Val, Vegas, Washington, Yago
  • 10: Aadan, Aarib, Abijah, Abishai, Adoniram, Alastor, Alhasan, Alter, Ananda, Anthem, Archimedes, Arsalan, Asahi, Astin, Audi, Audrick, Baldemar, Bixby, Bright, Caillou, Candelario, Capone, Daedric, Delorean, Deniro, Denzil, Emperor, Fabien, Fishel, Fortune, Fowler, Grimm, Gustave, Harrington, Henning, Honest, Hyde, Icarus, Icker, Iremide, Ivar, Jago, Jasher, Jhonael, Johnston, Johnthomas, Justo, Kaimani, Kaspar, Kelso, Kenyatta, Kotaro, Kunal, Kwasi, Lafayette, Laverne, Levar, Macallister, Manoah, Marcanthony, Masato, Maxfield, Mclain, Meeko, Merrill, Minato, Modesto, Mudassir, Nachum, Naftoli, Naquan, Nguyen, North, Nyzaiah, Obi, Oluwajomiloju, Orhan, Osborne, Osiah, Osmond, Osric, Phinneas, Prinston, Regis, Reynolds, Riordan, Rollo, Romulus, Rourke, Sanchez, Sascha, Seger, Serigne, Sinclair, Souleymane, Stanislaw, Stokely, Supreme, Telly, Thaxton, Tryton, Tukker, Vic, Werner, Wilford, Windsor, Wolfe, Wrangler, Wynton, Yale, Yamato, Yandriel, Yochanan, Zebedee, Zelig, Zohan, Zoravar

I have to say, Souleymane is my new favorite spelling of Suleyman (making it my favorite variation of Solomon too).  There’s just something rather jolly about it! 

Thoughts?  Favorites?  Any names you absolutely hate?  Let me know in the comments!  And if you’re on Twitter, please take the time to vote on my poll about seasons as baby names. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Below the Top 1000, Part 34 (Boys)

    1. It’s mainly the spellings that are so rare. 94 boys were called Phineas and 181 called Alaric in 2015…and those are the standard versions. Neither is *quite* in the top 1000, though Alaric’s pretty close.

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