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Below the Top 1000, Part 13 (Girls)

Hey all!  Welcome back to my weekly post of rare baby names lurking below the U.S. top 1000!  This set includes girls’ names used between 45 and 49 times in 2015.

49: Ara, Denim, Emmelyn, Gwenevere, Hilda, Honey, Jelena, Katlyn, Lisbeth, Navi, Pilar, Shalom, Suzette, Tru, Vanna

48: Aisling, Amberlynn, Augusta, Avelina, Azucena, Henny, Jalia, Kehlani, Lake, Luana, Mayleigh, Morrigan, Vail, Zaylie

47: Aanvi, Catelyn, Evette, Fiorella, Gala, Joni, Lakota, Leigh, Leonora, Miangel, Nallely, Nessa, Raizel, Tierney

46: Adelaida, Aletheia, Aurielle, Bliss, Chantal, Cree, Dagny, Graycen, Indira, Indy, Jamison, Kynley, Maha, Mischa, Seren, Stefania, Swayze

45: Acadia, Aziza, Golda, Greenlee, Kateri, Khylie, Liviana, Maylen, Nithya, Rubie, Tynlee, Una, Venice, Vesper, Victory

Do you have any favorites from this set?  Let me know in the comments.

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