American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 12 (Boys)

Now we’re starting to hit the really rare names – the ones given to less than 50 children in the U.S. last year!  Since the pool of names expands as the popularity decreases, it is necessary for me to break these posts down into smaller usage ranges.  This week post includes some of boys’ names in the 45-49 range.

49Archibald, Atom, Delano, Ebenezer, Niles, Pearson, Slater, Truth, Uzziah, Zacchaeus

48: Artem, Boris, Bram, Coulson, Fabio, Jahaziel, Jakson, Macon, Monty, Teague

47: Alastair, Aramis, Armand, Baruch, Dedrick, Erwin, Galen, Kato, Nyle, Ravi, Sol, Wylder

46: Abimael, Allister, Ayrton, Didier, Eliah, Geronimo, Gotham, Honor, Kip, Locke, Mervin, Rhydian, Suleiman, Tarek, Tiernan

45: Alexandros, Amaziah, Bladen, Hershel, Jansen, Khaleb, Lowell, Oshea*, Rusty, Tennyson, Wilfredo

What do you think of these names?  I’m loving Archibald and the various Biblical names that are scattered in here.  Also Rhydian, which I’d never heard before but is supposedly Welsh.

*Oshea is probably really O’Shea.  Rapper and actor O’Shea Jackson, Sr. is better known as Ice Cube.  His son O’Shea Jr. is now an actor too.

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