Ancient and Classical Names

Ancient Greek Names and Nicknames (Boys)

Mosaic of Alexander the Great
Mosaic depiction of Alexander the Great

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on nicknames I derived from Ancient Greek girls’ names, and later I wrote one about potential nicknames for feminine Roman appellations.  Yet, I’ve not written about nicknames for the boys, and since most of the posts on my site have been oriented more towards feminine names I feel I’ve been leaving the boys out.

I had more difficulty shortening the masculine than feminine names.  Still, I think there’s a potential for creativity here!

Heliodorus/Heliodoros: Eli, Elio, Leo, Helios, Sunny, Odo

Alexander: Alex, Andy, Xander, Lex, Sasha…but you already know these. 🙂

Theodosius/Theodosios: Theo, Ted, Teddy, Odo

Achilles: Ace, Lee, Hill

Aristodemos: Ari, Todd, Ares

Patroclus/Patroklos: Pat, Rock, Rocco

Evander: Evan, Andy, Van

Apollo: Paul, Ollie

Damocles: Dan, Lee

Ajax: AJ, Jax

Athanasius/Athanasios: Hans, Han

Draco: Drake, Ace

Leonidas: Leo, Leon

Nicanor: Nick

Perseus: Percy (actually, I think this is the case for Percy Jackson)

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