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Rare ‘C’ Baby Names for Boys in 2016

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Here are some rare ‘C’ names for boys used in 2016! I posted the girls’ list a few days ago…and although there were more girls’ names for me to sort through, the boys’ names were harder to narrow down. To keep these lists at a reasonable length, I try to select only the most interesting rare names for you to think about. My problem is that they’re all interesting! 

All the names below belong to baby boys born in the U.S. last year. The blue-coded names were used overwhelmingly for boys, while the purple-coded names are unisex (within my parameters: 90% usage or less for one gender and 10% or more for the other).

  • 150-201 boys named: Chevy, Colson, Cillian, Cormac, Cortez, Caspian, Cian, Caius
  • 100-149: Cristobal, Coy, Carver, Cashton, Canyon, Carmine, Calder, Coby, CallahanCourtney, Constantine, Cecil
  • 50-99: Chancellor, Clifton, Canon, Clive, Casper, Caesar, Chester, Conley, Carmello, Chayton, Conan, Carsten, Ciaran, Croix, Charleston, Conway, Colston, Clarke, Crawford, Claude, Clement
  • 25-49: Charbel, Christos, Collier, Creighton, Cavan, Crimson, Cove, Conall, Corwin, Carlin, Carlisle, Cassiel, Champ, Cage, Carlito, Coda, Copeland, Courtland, Cutler, Cary, Chauncey, Christ, Cutter, Claudio, Captain, Chosen, Cloud, Curren, Caedmon, Copper, Cashmere, Casimir, Castor, Chapman, Chidubem, Colm, Creek, Cross, Can, Canton, Champion, Caliber, Calix, Chesky, Cache, Celso, Cheskel, Corinthian
  • 15-24: Caelum, Coulter, Cuyler, Cleveland, Cecilio, Calloway, Cheikh, Conlan, Cosmo, Cayman, Creedence, Carlson, Caspar, Cassian, Cliff, Crixus, Cruzito, Carder, Chukwuemeka, Coltrane, Colvin, Cotton, Cato, Chief, Cinch, Camillo, Celestino, Chip, Calogero, Castle, Che, Chevelle, Clancy, Corbett, Courage, Crispin, Cuauhtemoc
  • 10-14: Calixto, Cartel, Charlton, Coal, Cyprian, Chan, Cobain, Curry, Cesare, Chatham, Cisco, Cordarius, Cruise, Caio, Cambridge, Candido, Chadrick, Chavez, Cordero, Crockett, Czar, Camp, Carroll, Chetan, Cope, Cyprus
  • 8-9: Candelario, Carmichael, Cephas, Chamberlain, Corion, Coyote, Crowley, Cung, Calcifer, Calhoun, Catcher, Cheveyo, Chigozie, Claiborne, Clovis, Constantinos
  • 7: Cabot, Caillou, Cameo, Cavalli, Chiedozie, Chipper, Chiron, Cipriano, Columbus, Corrado, Corvus, Craven
  • 6: Calvary, Calvert, Cavanaugh, Charming, Church, Cletus, Clever, Compton, Connolly, Cosimo, Crown, Cypher
  • 5: Caffrey, Caldwell, Caliph, Calixtro, Calyx, Camper, Candler, Carbon, Chanson, Chaplin, Chenyu, Chimaobim, Chirag, Chisum, Choice, Chrisander, Coast, Colburn, Corny, Cosmas, Coven, Crusoe


  • Carroll only appears as a boys’ name in last year’s data.
  • Although the word “chipper” can mean “cheerful,” as a name Chipper just makes me think of that scene in Fargo. Yikes!  
  • Chanson means “song” in French. A little surprising that it appears as a boys’ name, but the primary association is possibly La Chanson de Roland (The Song of Roland).
  • Cavalli means “horses” in Italian. Not “horse,” but “horses.” Should make travel interesting.
  • Craven is another word for “cowardly.” It’s an odd, unusable name even by my standards.

What do you think? Do you have any favorites? Least-favorites? Let me know in the comments! 

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Rare ‘C’ Baby Names for Girls in 2016

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Here is an eclectic list of rare girls’ names used in 2016 that begin with the letter C! Unfortunately I can’t include *every* single rare ‘C’ name (that would be an extremely long list!). These names can be found in publicly-available Social Security Administration birth data; the numbers you see below indicate how many baby girls received these names last year.

  • 150-257: Cordelia, Cambria, Campbell, Coral, Charity, Cecily, Christiana, Clover, Coralie, Chevelle, Calla, Charleston, Cielo, Constance
  • 100-149: Carmella, Cleo, Carrie, Capri, Chiara, Carol, Claira, Carissa, Cosette, Citlali, Chava, Caliyah, Colleen, Candace
  • 50-99: Chesney, Camellia, Caia, Connie, Cheryl, Charis, Christa, Crimson, Chase, Callista, Cassia, Carys, Christy, Coco, Carrington, Charisma, Caliana, Cathy, Cing
  • 25-49: Candy, Cherokee, Constanza, Cypress, Cedar, Cherry, Corinna, Caeli, Carrigan, Cate, Clarity, Cornelia, Cyra, Cosima, Chimamanda, Clarabelle, China, Chrisette, Cree, Chizaram, Celestine, Clio, Cady, Chantal, Chrislynn, Courtlyn, Camry, Charm, Chiamaka, Christabel, Clarisse, Cleopatra, Cyan, Camber, Cecile, Chastity, Copeland
  • 15-24: Celestia, Carlin, Chidera, Celestina, Chioma, Christabella, Calypso, Carmelina, Chapel, Chenoa, Caprice, Cabella, Cana, Carlotta, Carmina, Cicely, Cirilla, Contessa, Cortana
  • 10-14: Carlisle, Catriona, Chante, Charmaine, Consuelo, Candelaria, Cece, Chaney, Connelly, Corabelle, California, Czarina, Caisley, Charla, Cherie, Claudette, Creedence, Caoimhe, Carmelita, Carole, Chidinma, Chikamso, Chrysanthemum, Clary, Clea, Clementina, Copper, Cricket, Caledonia, Chiziterem, Cressida, Cybil
  • 7-9: Callisto, Carrera, Cashmere, Celestial, Chi, Chrisley, Clemence, Coda, Copelynn, Calirose, Carmel, Cartier, Cayenne, Chaise, Caasi, Carolanne, Cassiopeia, Catori, Celie, Chaithra, Channel, Chatham, Christiane, Clarita, Claudine, Coralei, Coretta
  • 6: Calandra, Calirae, Calvary, Cambridge, Caoilinn, Capriana, Carey, Caridad, Cedella, Chaarvi, Chinyere, Chizitere, Chosen, Christabelle, Clarabella, Cniyah, Comfort, Corazon, Crosley
  • 5: Caci, Calais, Caldonia, Caliber, Calixta, Calyx, Cambriella, Cameo, Caoilainn, Carabella, Caragh, Carmilla, Ceridwen, Cerise, Cevilla, Chaela, Chenxi, Cherith, Chiamanda, Chierika, Chimamaka, Chinenye, Chisimdi, Chumy, Cicilia, Cindel, Cipriana, Claiborne, Clodagh, Cloris, Corinthia, Coumba, Curie, Cymphony, Cyrene

Thoughts, comments?  Stay tuned for the boys’ list!