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Beautiful Spring Baby Names from Aisha to Zoe

We’ve talked about spring flower baby names, but what about spring names more generally? A great spring name may simply mean “spring” but it also represents concepts like “life” and “renewal,” nodding at the return of warmth, leaves, and flowers each year. Nature names handily fulfill those requirements, while mythological names remind us of ancient stories that tried to reconcile how the seasons came to be. Spring names are the names that represent our communal mindset, hopes, and aspirations when Winter’s cold is replaced by Spring’s blossoms.

Here is a list of names that evoke spring, from direct seasonal meanings to mythology and beyond!

  • Aisha / Ayesha – However you prever to spell Aisha, this beautiful Arabic name means “alive” – a perfect way to honor the springtime!
  • Ambrose – Derived from Latin Ambrosius, Ambrose means “immortal.” We think of Spring as a time of renewal and rebirth, but immortality implies life.
  • Anthea derives from a Greek word meaning “flower.” Ideally Anthea makes a great name in every season except Winter, but I think floral names are most associated with Spring.
  • Aviv / Aviva – “Spring” in Hebrew. Aviv is a gender-neutral version that’s popular for both boys and girls in Israel, while Aviva is a strictly feminine version that’s beginning to trend in the U.S. Both version are still rare in the States, however. I also like how Aviva sounds like Viva, or “life!”
  • April / Avril / Abril – April is a kind of nouveau classic baby name, one that only arose within the last 100 years but feels timeless. Spanish Abril is the next most popular, followed by the French version which was familiarized by Avril Lavigne. I’d be curious to see statistics indicating whether these names are more popular for babies born during the month!
  • Blossom – Flowers blossom from spring to fall, but I think we especially associate this name with the first flowers that bloom in spring.
  • Bluma – A Yiddish name meaning “flower.”
  • Ceres / Cerelia – Ceres is the Roman equivalent of Demeter, Greek goddess of grains and agriculture; Cerelia means “relating to Ceres.”
  • Chloe – A fresh, modern-sounding name from Ancient Greek and the New Testament, Chloe derives from a word referring to the “green shoots” that rise in the Spring. Other common meanings of the name have to do with “fertility” and “blooming.”
  • Chloris – Just a few years ago Chloris seemed rather dated, but today she feels like a glamorous vintage and unique alternative to Chloe. In Greek Mythology, Chloris was a minor goddess of flowers and vegetation.
  • Demetrius – A men’s name closely related to Demeter.
  • Emrys – The Welsh form of Ambrose.
  • Flora / Fleur / Fflur – Flora was the Ancient Roman goddess of flowers. Fleur and Fflur are her French and Welsh counterparts, respectively.
  • Florian – It’s not often that you hear about floral names for boys, but Florian hits the mark and provide us a lovely spring baby name option. Florian is an old Roman-derived name that’s popular in Austria, Germany, and Poland. You can read more about Florian here.
  • Harumi – One particular combination of Kanji allows for this Japanese name to be created from words meaning “spring” and “beautiful, beauty.”
  • Hope – Descriptive of the hope we feel seeing the first flowers of Spring bloom for the first time. If you prefer longer, more elaborate names, try the Spanish Esperanza, French Esperance, or Latin Sperantia. If you do prefer shorter names but want something more unique, the personified Roman goddess of hope was named Spes. I even think Sperry could be an option!
  • Iris – An early Spring flower that takes its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  • June – It may feel like Summer by the time June rolls around, but technically, the first three weeks of June belong to the Spring if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. For more unique options to reference the month, consider the names Juno, Junia, and Junius.
  • Lux – The Latin word for “light,” Lux is a great modern choice for parents who want to commemorate the return of longer days and shorter nights. Begone, Seasonal Affective Disorder!
  • Magnol– The original surname that inspired Magnolia, a blossoming springtime tree and trendy baby name. Magnus is also worth considering!
  • Mars – The Roman god of war gives his name to the month of March and our planetary neighbor. For something more subtle, try the Greek equivalent Ares or even Ari. Marcia and Marceline could work as girls’ versions, though Athena and Minerva are the respective Greek and Roman war goddesses.
  • May – A month and an uncommon flower, May is also a traditional nickname for Margaret.
  • Maya – Maya is just one letter off from both May and Maia, the latter being the Roman goddess of spring whose name inspired the month’s.
  • Nova – Latin for “new,” Nova is a great name to represent the renewal of living things that Spring brings.
  • Persephone – In Greek Mythology, Persephone’s yearly return from the Underworld marked the return of plants and wildlife after the dead of winter.
  • Phyllida – A more stylish variation of Phyllis, a Greek name which means “foliage.” A famous bearer is Phyllida Law, actress and mother of Emma Thompson.
  • Rabi / Rabia – Arabic for “spring, springtime.” Sometimes you want direct name meanings!
  • Rene / Renee – French for “reborn, born again,” from the Latin Renatus. Renata is another popular form to consider!
  • Soleil – In French, Soleil means “sun.” think that’s something we all look forward to after the cold, grey of winter.
  • Vera – Though Vera means “faith” (and via Latin associations, “truth”), it makes to a common Romance language word for spring and a (rare) name in its own right, Primavera.
  • Vernon – Vernon is a surname name in its own right, but it sounds a lot like “vernus,” a Roman word for spring.
  • Vesna – I’ve mentioned a lot of Greek and Roman mythological references, but here’s one from Slavic Mythology! Vesna was a figure associated with springtime, and to this day it means “spring” in several Eastern European languages.
  • Wisteria – A rare name referring to the fragrant purple flower that blooms between April and May.
  • Zoe / Zoey – Derived from Greek, Zoe means “life.”

Do you have a favorite spring baby name? Are there any you would add to this list? Let me know!

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