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100+ Names Including All the Letters in “Name”

If you’ve been following this blog lately, you’d know I love playing name games and word games. You’ve probably gathered too that I enjoy making lists; how many isogram posts have I written now? While I don’t have any baby name crosswords looming on the horizon, my latest endeavor is to curate a selection of names including the letters of the word “name!” Because “name” is short, we don’t have many direct anagrams (words or names created by rearranging letters) that would work for a real person; “Name” apparently isn’t as forgiving as Alex, a name that one Belgian family has somehow jumbled around for at least 12 different children to include Xela and Alxe! Off the top of my head, Amen, Eman, and Mena are probably the most usable “Name” rearrangements, but Mean is just, well, mean. If anagrams alone are out of the question, what about names that include the letters ‘n,’ ‘a,’ ‘m,’ and ‘e?’ Oh, there are plenty of those!

For your entertainment and name inspiration, here are some names that include all the letters in “Name:”

  1. Amandeep
  2. Amanpreet
  3. Amandine
  4. Amante
  5. Ambellina
  6. Amberlynn
  7. Ambrosine
  8. Ameen
  9. Ameena
  10. Ameliana
  11. Amen
  12. Amenadiel
  13. Amnen
  14. Amnesty
  15. Amoreena
  16. Amreen
  17. Amunet
  18. Anaximander
  19. Andromeda
  20. Anselm
  21. Beaumont
  22. Benjamin
  23. Camden
  24. Cameron
  25. Carmen
  26. Carmine
  27. Chamberlain
  28. Chrysanthemum
  29. Clementina
  30. Demiana
  31. Domenica
  32. Elmina
  33. Eman
  34. Emani
  35. Emelina
  36. Emiliano
  37. Emmaline
  38. Emmanuel
  39. Emmanuella
  40. Emunah
  41. Enma
  42. Germaine – Also Jermaine
  43. Gethsemane
  44. Handsome
  45. Hermelinda
  46. Jamesina
  47. Jasmine
  48. Jessamine
  49. Macallen
  50. Mackenzie
  51. Mackinley
  52. Maclean
  53. Madeleine – Alternatively, Madelyn, Madeline, etc.
  54. Magdalena
  55. Magenta
  56. Mahealani
  57. Malena – Also Milena
  58. Manelyk
  59. Manasseh
  60. Manfred
  61. Manreet
  62. Manveer
  63. Marceline
  64. Marianne
  65. Marlene
  66. Marsden
  67. Martinez
  68. Matheson
  69. Maureen
  70. Maxine
  71. Maybelline
  72. Mazelyn
  73. Mazikeen
  74. Mccartney
  75. Mckenna
  76. Megan
  77. Melanie
  78. Mena
  79. Menachem
  80. Menashe
  81. Menucha
  82. Michelina
  83. Michelangelo
  84. Minerva
  85. Montreal
  86. Montserrat
  87. Montague
  88. Montezuma
  89. Nachmen
  90. Nadeem
  91. Namarie
  92. Nameer
  93. Namine
  94. Nazeem
  95. Nechama
  96. Nehemiah
  97. Nema
  98. Nneoma
  99. Nymeria
  100. Oluwaferanmi
  101. Oluwanifemi
  102. Rembrandt
  103. Romance
  104. Suleiman
  105. Tasneem
  106. Temperance
  107. Tremaine
  108. Wilhelmina
  109. Ximena

There are hundreds of names you can find when you arrange and rearrange even just a few letters. Whether you’re naming a baby, a character, or are simply curious about the manifold possibilities, creativity goes a long way in name inspiration! You can go for the timeless popularity of Benjamin or the fresh uniqueness of Chrysanthemum and everything in between. The options I found span the Globe, deriving not just from English but from Hebrew, Yoruba, and more.

Do you have any favorite names including all four letters of “name?” Are there any you’d add to this list, or is there another list you’d like me to make? Can you conjure up any new names from the word(s) for “names” in languages other than English? Let me know! As always, I would love to hear your ideas.

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