Coming Back! A Life and Site Update

Hi everyone,

I wrote the first draft for this post over 3 years ago, thinking that I would pick things back up then. Here’s what I originally said in 2019:

“I’m back, and so happy to be blogging again! I had to step back for a while because of a new job, which effectively has me working 60 hours a week when you factor in the commute. It’s not a traditional 9-5 either, so my hours are somewhat unconventional. Getting used to the routine has been a challenge, but a rewarding one. Now, I’m ready to write about names again.”

The fact is, I don’t think I ever fully adjusted to the schedule at that job, and I was there for almost 4 years! On top of that, shortly after writing my first draft I was hit with the most horrible stress I’ve had in my entire life. No matter how much you love something (even names!), you can’t really talk to the outside world about your hobbies when extreme anxiety, especially social anxiety, takes hold. I became so reclusive that I struggled even to talk to my best friend, who, as fate has it, is now my fiancé.

In the past year or so, I’ve finally extricated myself from the consistently stressful situations I was in, acknowledged and stopped trying to hide my neurodivergence, and even moved on from some ancient personal traumas (that last part was quite by accident but fully embraced). Once I did those things, I began healing and so much of my social anxiety went out the window! I now live with the best person in the world, and thanks to him and our many friends I have a bigger support system than I’ve ever had. And hey, he’ll even talk baby names with me! 🙂

Since it’s been 4 years since my last post, I’ve constantly debated with myself on whether to start fresh, pick up where I left off, or revamp the website entirely. Well, I hate giving up, so revamp it is! You may have noticed the new website design, which I chose for its clean, airy appeal. Additionally, I’ve been working on improving visual accessibility so that everyone can utilize my site more easily; for example, I’m changing the color coding of predominantly feminine names from magenta to a darker pink that reads better against a light background. Most importantly, I’ve changed the domain! The new web address is wellinformednamer.com instead of wellinformednamer@wordpress.com, so please mark your bookmarks and favorites accordingly. I now also have an Instagram account, which you can follow at @wellinformednamer, and a Pinterest at @wellinformednamer. I’m still not completely done with my edits and site improvements, but I’m so ready for this next chapter.

To all of you who’ve read my posts and appreciated my quirky blog over the years, thank you so much. Your support means a lot, and I look forward to talking about names again soon.

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