American Names

May Name Sightings

Here’s an eclectic selection of rare names I spotted throughout my community this month!

  • Bosley (m, deceased)
  • Urcell (f, deceased) – This lady was around 100 years old…and while I can’t find Urcell in Social Security Administration birth data around the World War I era (or ever, for that matter) the spelling Ursel appeared for both genders around that time.  Is it related to Ursula, or is it some extinct name everybody’s long forgotten?
  • Jobie (f, young adult) – Jobie appears in SSA birth data far more often for boys than it does for girls (it’s probably meant as a pet form of Job), but sometimes there’s a blip on the girls’ side.  It last appeared in SSA birth data in 2016 for boys and 2009 for girls.
  • Margaux – This is an interesting variation on Margot, which is a French short form of MargueriteMargaux is a Bordeaux village associated with some of the world’s finest wines.  138 girls were named Margaux in 2017.
  • Caolan (m) – sort-of Anglicized version of the Irish name Caolán.  Caolan last appeared in SSA data in 2006.
  • Darcy (baby girl) – 183 girls and 13 boys were named Darcy in the U.S. last year.
  • Tripton (child) – this name first appeared in SSA data c. 2007, and last appeared in 2016.  It’d make a nice way to spruce up the name Tripp.
  • Axie (elderly woman) – last appeared in SSA birth data in 1942.  I’m surprised Axie isn’t more common today…the “ax” element is trendy, and it’s fairly similar to popular nicknames like Evie.
  • Rufina – the feminine form of Rufinus, rare Rufina peaked in the 1920s.  Her last appearance in SSA birth data was in 2016.

What do you think of these names?  Have you spotted any interesting names in your community this month?  Let me know!

Earlier rare name round-ups in 2018:

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