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Boys’ Names Popular in Only One State (2016)

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A couple of days ago, I posted a list of girls’ names that were popular in only one state in 2016.  Here are the boys’ names!  This list is shorter – there were 78 girls’ names compared to 54 boys’ names – but there were almost as many states with such outliers.  D.C. is included too (since the SSA throws their top 100 in the state section), which is great because its inhabitants have their own distinct naming style!

Alaska: Peter, Kyler, Paxson,* Jesse, Tobias

Arizona: Francisco

California: Eric, Victor

D.C.: Felix, Oscar, Amari

Florida: Bryan

Hawaii: Kainoa,* Keanu, Kaimana,* Kekoa,* Jax, Makana*

Kentucky: Jonah

Massachusetts: Aidan

Michigan: Ali

Minnesota: Charlie

Mississippi: Princeton, Timothy, Jayceon, Peyton, Braylen

Montana: Colt, Zane, Gage

New Jersey: Jake, Steven, Jeremy

New Mexico: Andres, Zayden, Emilio, Iker

New York: Abraham, Muhammad

North Dakota: Clayton, Zander

South Dakota: Jett, Briggs

Utah: Beckham, Daxton, Porter, Milo, Benson

Vermont: Marshall

West Virginia: Jase

Wyoming: Corbin, Holden, Tanner, Walter

The names above with asterisks after them (*) were popular in their respective states but rare nationally.  Just like it was with the girls’ names, Hawaii is responsible for the bulk of these.  Alaska boasts the only other such name, Paxson; 13 Paxson‘s were born in Alaska that year, out of just 34 nationally!  Do you have any ideas about that one?

The swaps particularly interest me:

  • Bryan was only in Maryland’s top 100 in 2015, but was only popular in Florida in 2016.
  • Steven switched from New York’s top 100 in ’15 to New Jersey’s in ’16.
  • Kyler moved from Montana to Alaska.
  • Aidan went from Rhode Island to Massachusetts.
  • Victor moved from Texas to California.
  • Milo from Vermont to Utah

For further reference, you can also compare the names on this list with the ones on the boys’ list for 2015 I can’t wait to look at the state and territorial data for 2017, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s released at the same time as the national data.  It wasn’t last year.

Thoughts?  Favorites?  Let me know! 

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