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Girls’ Names Popular in Only One State (2016)

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Last week I talked about names that are also states.  Today, I’m listing the girls’ names that were in the top 100 in only one state or Washington, D.C. in 2016!  Compare them to the ones in the 2015 list, which had more names because of a difference in formatting (it seems to me that lists for 2015 reflected more ties at the bottom, while the 2016 lists cut off exactly at the 100th name).  Anyways, I’ll post the list of boys’ names later this week.

Alaska: Anastasia, Heidi, Laura, River

Arizona: Jocelyn

Arkansas: Maggie

California: Alina, Angela, Giselle

Connecticut: Vivienne

D.C.: Madeleine, Royal, Catherine, Margot, Logan, Talia, Bridget

Georgia: Ansley

Hawaii: Kalea, Anela, Mahina, Malia, Kiana, Leila, Marley, Emi, Skye, Alana, Anuhea, Kaila, Kenzie, Naia, Alexandria, Jordan, Journey, Kailani

Idaho: Remington

Louisiana: Camille, Demi, Lyric

Maryland: Dakota

Minnesota: Aisha

Mississippi: Malaysia, Kayleigh, Makenzie, Jada

Montana: Lexi, Sage

New Hampshire: Delaney, Tessa

New Jersey: Sienna

New Mexico: Lilliana, Aliyah, Aviana, Avianna

North Dakota: Briella

Rhode Island: Gia

South Dakota: Reese, Berkley, Elaina

Utah: Millie

Vermont: Wren, Ayla, Genevieve, Rowan, Willa, Emelia, Hope

West Virginia: Alivia, Braelynn, Gracelynn, Mckenna, Baylee

Wyoming: Felicity, Emmy, Madilynn, Brinley, Brylee

A few names that reached the top 100 in a state list aren’t even in the top 1000 nationally!  In 2016, these were Anela, Anuhea, Berkley, Emi, Kalea, Kaila, Mahina, and Naia; Hawaii claims the vast majority of these rarities.

Do you have any favorites from this list?  Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Girls’ Names Popular in Only One State (2016)

  1. Skye (or Sky I prefer) is one of my all time favorite names 🙂
    Aviana is interesting – never heard of it until today. I can see someone in the airlines industry using this for their child’s name.

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