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Rare ‘E’ Baby Names for Boys in 2016

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A week ago I expressed my adoration towards rare ‘E’ baby names for girls. Honestly though, the boys’ names are pretty cool too! Among other things, the letter ‘E’ gives us an awesome selection of hardcore Bible names like Elimelech and nearly forgotten Old English favorites like Egbert!

As usual, the data for these names comes from the Social Security Administration, which releases a set of baby names every year that were given to 5 or more children in the U.S. The names below weren’t quite popular enough to be in the top 1000, but were still common enough to chart. The order of names in this post descends from most popular to rarest. I’ve color-coded the mostly or entirely masculine-trending names blue, and names with significant unisex usage purple.

  • 150-202 baby boys: Edmund, Elvis, Elmer
  • 100-149: Everest, Eliam, Elon, Ewan, Ever, Eleazar, Ender, Eliel, Emil, Elan, Emir, Elvin, Evander, Earl, Elam
  • 50-99: Eyad, Ellison, Ezio, Egypt, Emrys, Eros, Eldon, Esdras, Eben, Elton, Eoin, Evans, Elio
  • 25-49: Elwood, Esau, Eliab, Ellington, Ethaniel, Edric, Everson, Ebenezer, Elder, Enos, Essa, Eamonn, Elimelech, Eh, Ernie, Enrico, Escher, Eero, Eliud, Erasmo, Errol
  • 10-24: Exodus, Elnathan, Emeric, Egan, Elihu, Eoghan, Elbert, Evangelos, Ericson, Eber, Even, Epic, Ezequias, Elchonon, Eliakim, Eligio, Eusebio, Everton, Earvin, Eissa, Eon, Evaristo, Ezekiah
  • 7-9: Edsel, Enzio, Esmond, Estuardo, Evelio, Exton, Edilberto, Espn, Eustace, Eyoab, Eyosias, Eaton, Ebrima, Ebubechukwu, Edel, Eito, Elber, Elisey, Elrey, Eno, Ether
  • 6: Early, Edenilson, Eiji, Eiven, Ekamveer, Eldridge, Eleftherios, Eleuterio, Elhadj, Elienai, Emeterio, Emilian, Erioluwa, Ernst, Essam, Essex, Eton, Exander, Ezekias
  • 5: Eberardo, Eddiel, Egbert, Einar, Eldad, Eldric, Elishua, Eljay, Elohim, Emigdio, Emperor, En, Engels, England, Enver, Erling, Eryx, Eshwar, Exiquio, Ezell

What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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