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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve written a Puritan name acrostic for you all! An acrostic is a poem in which a letter from each line (especially the first letter) spells something out.


I doubt we’re having turkey…more likely, we’re having lasagna.  Does anybody else eat unconventional Thanksgiving foods?

Temperance – 232 girls in 2016. It was a top 1000 name between 2011 and 2014.

Hope – 1324 girls (#240) and 7 boys.

Amity – 42 girls. Amity means “friendship.”

Noble – 140 boys and 15 girls.

Knowledge – 112 boys and 8 girls.

Sincere – 405 boys (#628) and 39 girls. The other option was Silence.

Grace – 7531 girls (#19) and 15 boys.

Increase – Famously borne by Increase Mather (1639-1723). I’m a little surprised this one isn’t anywhere in the SSA data.

Victory – 47 girls and 16 boys.

Independence – 6 girls.

Nazareth – 64 girls and 47 boys. ‘N’ is one of the less common letters for Puritan names; Noble is the only ‘N’ virtue name I could find. My other choice for this slot was the very random word-name “Notwithstanding,” which was mentioned in Albion’s Seed.* Yes, someone really named their kid Notwithstanding.

Godswill – 6 boys. This might be a modern creation, but it’s up there with Obedience.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

(As usual, the data came from the Social Security Administration. The book I mention, Albion’s Seed, is by David Hackett Fischer and contains information on colonial American naming practices.)

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