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Rare ‘D’ Names for Boys in 2016

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Happy November! Has the Halloween candy coma ended yet, or has it just started? 

I’ve been working on several interesting name-related projects in the past few days. I needed a break from one in particular, and in the midst of researching/analyzing I realized I hadn’t written any posts for this series in over a month! I published the list of Rare ‘D’ Names for Girls on September 27th and was subsequently sidetracked. So, here we are.

These are just some of the rare names given to baby boys in the U.S. in 2016, according to Social Security Administration data!

  • 150-199 boys: Decker, Danilo, Davin, Denzel, Dale, Deegan, Dhruv
  • 100-149: Dashiell, Diesel, Dov, Dev, Denim, Duane, Donnie
  • 50-99: Dwight, Dashawn, Dewayne, Drayden, Devante, Dixon, Dempsey, Darin, Daquan, Deanthony, Dmitri, Dyson, Dallin, Dietrich, Dresden, Domingo, Domenico
  • 25-49: Daylin, Devlin, Damarcus, Daksh, Delano, Dex, Didier, Denton, Divine, Dutch, Demarius, Daemon, Delvin, Donta, Dino, Draco, Dusty, Doc, Dontavious, Demetrio, Dillion, Denny, Devonta, Donato, Davidson, Dez, Deckard, Donatello, Delmar, Dolan, Dartagnan, Dimas
  • 10-24: Denali, Dirk, Dodge, Dajon, Delon, Dade, Dathan, Dierks, Delbert, Diago, Dj, Dillinger, Dre, Dinero, Darby, Davaughn, Damon, Dastan, Davinci, Dawood, Dewey, Djibril, Dublin, Deng, Dagmawi, Dagoberto, Dedric, Devereaux, Dijon, Doran, Dace, Davy, Delfino, Devine, Draper, Del, Deniro, Dezi, Dudley, Duran, Dacian, Daking, Darek, Delsin, Dominion, Dreux, Daimon, Daman, Daniele, Davide, Daxter, Delorean,* Deo, Desiderio, Destry, Diamante, Dodger, Doyle
  • 9: Daivik, Damiano, Danger, Danner, Dansby, Davison, Dayceon, Demba, Dequincy, Dermot, Desire, Deston, Diallo, Divyansh, Dom, Dominico, Dream, Dugan, Durham
  • 7-8: Dago, Dajour, Dak, Darrow, Dasani, Dayquan, Deejay, Denley, Dian, Diem, Dieter, Django, Draken, Draymond, Dwij, Dyce, Dal, Dalessandro, Damoney, Danish, Daquarius, Darcy, Dejohn, Delontay, Denarius, Deuce, Dickson, Douglass, Drexel
  • 6: Daewon, Dah, Daiki, Damichael, Damont, Danzig, Daoud, December, Denson, Derry, Dhani, Dilraj, Dipson, Donathon, Draylen, Duc, Dune, Dupree
  • 5: Dalian, Damaso, Danieljames, Dannon, Davidjames, Davidmichael, Dayshaun, Decarlo, Dee, Dekayden, Delance, Delmer, Deluca, Delwin, Destined, Dewitt, Dextin, Dheeraj, Dionysus, Dock, Donal, Dorsey, Drago, Drexler, Drizzt

*Yes, Delorean as in the car from Back to the Future!

Thoughts about any of these names? Favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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