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What Would I Name My Car?

Day 2 of the October Name Challenge spotlights National Name Your Car Day! I don’t have a car yet, but it’s gotten me thinking.  I name my musical instruments, so not an automobile?

Some people give their cars human names; a classmate called her car Lucius in high school! For my own vehicle, Percival, Phaedra, or Danger would be cool. And yes, there are people named Danger. There are also people named after cars

If a pick-up truck is called Bentley, what do you call an actual Bentley?

I might tie my choice of car name in with my sense of humor. If I acquire a Honda, Camry and Camryn would be amusing appellations. Alexus is funny for any car that isn’t a Lexus, but even funnier for a Lexus. I can see myself excitedly introducing Mercedes the Toyota to confused friends and passerby! Meanwhile, Bentley would be my pick-up truck that’s coated in dirt from adventures down unpaved country roads. And if I acquire an unappreciated model that becomes discontinued, I can call him Edsel.

Of course, I won’t know for sure what I’ll name a car until I actually have one. What would you name a car?

Day 1 of the October Names Challenge was Favorite ‘O’ Names.

4 thoughts on “What Would I Name My Car?

  1. I named my first car ‘Baby’ because that’s what my girlfriend called me, and most of my memories in that car are with her. My second car was named ‘Appa’ after the animal in Avatar the Last Airbender that protected and transported all of the main characters. I don’t have a name for my current car. Still waiting to figure out its ‘character’.

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  2. You know I haven’t thought too much about it. I don’t have a name for my car but I do have names for my musical instruments. I’ll have to think about this one.

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