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Favorite ‘O’ Names

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 10.39.35 PMAlthough I don’t have an Instagram, I’m going to try and participate in the October Name Challenge (created by fellow name enthusiast Alexia Mae) via Twitter! Some days I’ll write entire blog posts surrounding the challenges, and other days I may simply tweet relevant thoughts!

The October 1st challenge is “Favorite ‘O’ Names!”  I rarely discuss my actual favorite names on this site, so this is a good starting point. My tastes vary, but my very favorite names can often be described as ancient, old-fashioned, and/or elegant. Harry Potter and Jane Austen have been massive influences on my naming preferences, along with Greek and Roman Myth.


  • Otto – #527
  • Odo – doesn’t chart. You can read more about this name here.
  • Octavius – 51 boys in 2016
  • Orson – 90 boys. Can’t help but think of Orson Welles!
  • Orlando – #620

I also appreciate names like Oliver, Octavian, Odysseus, Odoacer, Odalric, and Obadiah.


  • Ottoline – doesn’t chart, though she really should! Very distinguished, and she’d fit in with popular -line names like Adeline and Emmeline!
  • Octavia – 255 girls in 2016. I wouldn’t be surprised if Octavia reaches the top 1000 in 2017!
  • Oona – 109 girls. I think of Oona Chaplin. 
  • Ophelia – #580
  • Oenone – doesn’t chart. Oenone is an Ancient Greek name that derives from the word for “wine.”  The thing is: I don’t actually know how to pronounce this. It takes 3 syllables, but does one say ee-no-nee or oh-no-nee?

Other feminine ‘O’ names I really like are Ottilie, Olivia, Olive, Opal, and Octaviana.

What are your favorite ‘O’ names?

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