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Rare ‘C’ Baby Names for Girls in 2016

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Here is an eclectic list of rare girls’ names used in 2016 that begin with the letter C! Unfortunately I can’t include *every* single rare ‘C’ name (that would be an extremely long list!). These names can be found in publicly-available Social Security Administration birth data; the numbers you see below indicate how many baby girls received these names last year.

  • 150-257: Cordelia, Cambria, Campbell, Coral, Charity, Cecily, Christiana, Clover, Coralie, Chevelle, Calla, Charleston, Cielo, Constance
  • 100-149: Carmella, Cleo, Carrie, Capri, Chiara, Carol, Claira, Carissa, Cosette, Citlali, Chava, Caliyah, Colleen, Candace
  • 50-99: Chesney, Camellia, Caia, Connie, Cheryl, Charis, Christa, Crimson, Chase, Callista, Cassia, Carys, Christy, Coco, Carrington, Charisma, Caliana, Cathy, Cing
  • 25-49: Candy, Cherokee, Constanza, Cypress, Cedar, Cherry, Corinna, Caeli, Carrigan, Cate, Clarity, Cornelia, Cyra, Cosima, Chimamanda, Clarabelle, China, Chrisette, Cree, Chizaram, Celestine, Clio, Cady, Chantal, Chrislynn, Courtlyn, Camry, Charm, Chiamaka, Christabel, Clarisse, Cleopatra, Cyan, Camber, Cecile, Chastity, Copeland
  • 15-24: Celestia, Carlin, Chidera, Celestina, Chioma, Christabella, Calypso, Carmelina, Chapel, Chenoa, Caprice, Cabella, Cana, Carlotta, Carmina, Cicely, Cirilla, Contessa, Cortana
  • 10-14: Carlisle, Catriona, Chante, Charmaine, Consuelo, Candelaria, Cece, Chaney, Connelly, Corabelle, California, Czarina, Caisley, Charla, Cherie, Claudette, Creedence, Caoimhe, Carmelita, Carole, Chidinma, Chikamso, Chrysanthemum, Clary, Clea, Clementina, Copper, Cricket, Caledonia, Chiziterem, Cressida, Cybil
  • 7-9: Callisto, Carrera, Cashmere, Celestial, Chi, Chrisley, Clemence, Coda, Copelynn, Calirose, Carmel, Cartier, Cayenne, Chaise, Caasi, Carolanne, Cassiopeia, Catori, Celie, Chaithra, Channel, Chatham, Christiane, Clarita, Claudine, Coralei, Coretta
  • 6: Calandra, Calirae, Calvary, Cambridge, Caoilinn, Capriana, Carey, Caridad, Cedella, Chaarvi, Chinyere, Chizitere, Chosen, Christabelle, Clarabella, Cniyah, Comfort, Corazon, Crosley
  • 5: Caci, Calais, Caldonia, Caliber, Calixta, Calyx, Cambriella, Cameo, Caoilainn, Carabella, Caragh, Carmilla, Ceridwen, Cerise, Cevilla, Chaela, Chenxi, Cherith, Chiamanda, Chierika, Chimamaka, Chinenye, Chisimdi, Chumy, Cicilia, Cindel, Cipriana, Claiborne, Clodagh, Cloris, Corinthia, Coumba, Curie, Cymphony, Cyrene

Thoughts, comments?  Stay tuned for the boys’ list!

4 thoughts on “Rare ‘C’ Baby Names for Girls in 2016

  1. These are great names! I saw Christa, and that is so close to my name! My name is REALLY rare – is there any chance you can add Christia (my name)?


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