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Rare ‘B’ Names For Girls in 2016

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In the U.S., there were close to 3,000 rare ‘A’ baby names for girls in 2016. ‘B’ boasts only around 600. This time, it means I can fit all the interesting ones into just one post of reasonable length! Still, I couldn’t get the list as short as I’d have liked. With fewer unusual names to comb through, everything is that much more interesting!

Here is my selection of rare ‘B’ names for girls! They are listed from most common to least common (in 2016) according to data from the Social Security Administration.  

  • 150-250 usage range: Bellamy, Baylor, Beatrix, Blessing, Belinda, Betty, Blythe, Beverly
  • 50-149: Bernadette, Blanca, Berkeley, Betsy, Brighton, Billie, Brigitte, Berenice, Brissa, Birdie, Brandy, Bethel, Batsheva, Berlin, Bowie, Brie, Bracha, Briseida, Becca, Briseis, Beautiful, Blima, Bernice, Bronwyn
  • 25-49: Bea, Bexlee, Becky, Bayan, Britta, Bliss, Blossom, Beth, Brayla, Bradleigh, Bushra, Basya, Brenna, Bertha, Bay, Bobbie, Betsabe, Betsaida, Blimy, Brienne, Blessyn, Barbie, Basma, Bintou, Bo, Briasia, Bahar, Brianda, Bindi, Brexley, Britain
  • 15-24: Bellatrix,* Breeze, Brecklynn, Basil, Belladonna, Brazil, Beretta, Blen, Brocha, Baker, Baya, Betania, Bonita, Bruchy, Bralyn, Breindy, Briarrose, Bhavya, Bibi, Bluma, Berit, Bethania, Bless, Blue, Brinsley, Beulah, Bina, Bora, Bowen, British
  • 10-14: Bana, Bassy, Benita, Bette, Breezy, Beauty, Bettina, Blaze, Blessed, Bruna, Bemnet, Benelli, Bennie, Bergen, Betselot, Blessings, Baani, Bethlehem, Bijou, Briona, Bellina, Betul, Bronte
  • 9: Baby,** Baxley, Beata, Beautifull, Belia, Believe, Beryl, Bhavika, Bianey, Blanche, Bray, Breslin, Brita, Bronwen
  • 8: Beckley, Belem, Benedicta, Bessie, Bethsaida, Briseidy, Brissia
  • 7: Babygirl,** Bali, BehatiBelize, Bellaluna, Bettie, Beverley, Bexli, Biak, Breck, Breindel, Brice, Brindley, Bronx
  • 6: Bareera, Bawi, Bess, Bethsy, Betzabeth, Beyonce, Bijoux, Biviana, Blessy, Bravery, Breeland, Brilliance, Brindle, Briony, Brynja, Bryony, Byrdie
  • 5: Bahja, Baisley, Bakhita, Bambi, Banner, Basha, Bathsheba, Bayoleth, Bernadine, Berta, Bhakti, Bilan, Bisharo, Bithiah, Blessence, Bleu, Bralee, Braniya, Brees, Bridie, Brightly, Briyith, Burkleigh

*Bellatrix rose from 5 uses in 2015 to 24 uses in 2016. I assume Cursed Child takes part of the credit, but even within the play, Bellatrix Lestrange had long since died, serving as a mention or genealogical footnote. If any of you have other ideas why the name Bellatrix jumped last year, please let me know. 

**Baby and Babygirl might not be their actual names so much as birth certificate placeholders for otherwise nameless infants. That said – if they’re listed with the other names, and SSA doesn’t go out of its way to explain their purpose, I’ll continue noting them as ‘official’ names. (To be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually is named Baby

What do you think of these names? Any you love, hate, or feel like roasting? Let me know in the comments! And stay tuned for the boys’ names!   

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