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Below the Top 1000, Part 44 (Boys)

Well, I’m kind of sad.  Although this isn’t the last post of this series, this is the last post about the rare boys’ names of 2015.  The public American baby name data only includes names used 5 or more times in a given year so as to preserve privacy of individuals with unique and extremely rare names.  We’re not the only country that does this; I know the data for England and Wales has a 3 person threshold.  If I could access American names down to 2 or 3 uses, I’d post about those too.  While there’s a part of me that wants those extra names for historical research, I’m grateful for the massive and wonderful repository of names that we can access!

So here they are – the very bottom of the pot.  As always, the data comes from the Social Security Administration, and I’ve color-coded the names based on whether their usage is overwhelmingly masculine, feminine, or unisex

  • 5 boys: Abas, Acesyn, Adedeji, Admire, Agape*, Akhilleus, Albino, Aldren, Aleph, Algernon, Alireza, Alois, Amalio, Amazing, Amedeo, Amillion, Amorian, Andros, Angelos, Anias, Anikin, Antolin, Antonin, Aous, Arael, Aragon, Arfan, Ariq, Arles, Armor, Arne, Ashok, Astor, Astraeus, Aswin, Auburn, Aureliano, Aureus, Axiom, Azeez, Baby, Baelfire, Barker, Barnett, Barton, Basem, Beckley, Bemnet, Benjerman, Berenger, Bernhard, Bertrand, Bocephus, Bolden, Bond, Bourne, Bremen, Brennus, Brolin, Bronco, Bronxton, Bryken, Bucky, Bulmaro, Caldwell, Camp, Carper, Cathal, Cathan, Cavalli, Chaitanya, Chambers, Chanoch, Chaun, Chengyu, Cherokee, Chidiebube, Chigozie, Chinua, Chozen, Chrisangel, Christophe, Clash, Coburn, Compton, Conroy, Corleone, Corvus, Cotter, Curry, Cypher, Damascus, Dang, Dannon, Dariush, Delroy, Denari, Dermot, Desiderio, Doroteo, Durham, Duvall, Dyce, Eaton, Efthimios, Ehab, Eldridge, Elikai, Elisey, Emerich, England, Famous, Favor, Fender, Fennec, Finland, Flex, Forbes, Forever, Franciszek, Faser, Furious, Gaddiel, Gadsden, Galaxy, Galloway, Garcia, Garvey, God, Godfred, Godson, Goliath, Govinda, Grafton, Granite, Granville, Haile, Hannes, Hanzalah, Harker, Harshit, Harvest, Hemingway, Hernando, Holbrook, Holter, Holy, Honour, Hopper, Iago, Ichigo, Imre, Isileli, Ivaniel, Jabraylen, Jackman, Jaffar, Janek, Janniel, Janxiel, Jayanth, Jream, Jumming, Kajetan, Kalahikiola, Karbon, Keani, Kekeli, Kel, Kenard, Khalfani, Khance, Kidd, Kingcharles, Kino, Kipling, Kiyoshi, Knoll, Ko, Kostas, Kronos, Kuno, Lacy, Laithen, Lamberto, Laughlin, Librado, Little, Logic, Lot, Luthor, Mackinnon, Majestic, Mali, Manhattan, Mantra, Marios, Martial, Mcarthur, Mccormick, Melchor, Minor, Moe, Moritz, Mortimer, Murdock, Navarro, Nemo, Nil, Nix, Nunzio, Odie, Oliber, Osbourne, Pacer, Petro, Philbert, Pier, Placido, Portland, Precieux, Precious, Priam, Princecharles, Prinz, Quince, Quirino, Rainn, Ralf, Rangler, Rawley, Rayburn, Reason, Renegade, Rev, Richardson, Rodricus, Romelio, Rostislav, Roux, Rutger, Sabriel, Salinger, Saviour, Sergei, Severyn, Sham, Sherwood, Silviano, Sircharles, Son, Spyridon, Statham, Stellar, Stephanos, Stevens, Success, Suede, Tab, Taddeo, Taliesin, Tasman, Temple, Tofilo, Tesla, Timothee, Tolliver, Topher, Traden, Trillian, Triumph, Uzias, Vegeta, Venicio, Vinton, Whitfield, Win, Xavy, Yahweh, Yamajesty, Zaccheus, Zolton

* Agape (pr. ah-gah-pay or uh-gah-pee) is an Ancient Greek girls’ name meaning “love.”  I don’t know why Agape only appeared as a boys’ name in 2015, unless it’s pronounced with two syllables like the actual word “agape.” 

**You may have noticed that today’s selection includes Kingcharles, Princecharles, and Sircharles

***Both God and Yahweh were given to 5 baby boys in 2015.  I worry about the potential for offense…

What do you think?  Do you have any favorites or least-favorite names here?  Let me know in the comments!

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