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Name Spotting!

Something we name-lovers absolutely adore is name-spotting.  Name-spotting is when you search for and collect interesting, real names in a community or media source.  I’ve collected several local gems recently, and have decided to start writing them down.

Here are the most unusual and fascinating people’s names I’ve overheard or seen in March and April 2017! 

  • Basil (5 years old; unknown gender).
  • Gibraltar (unknown gender and age; newspaper mention).  I don’t think this has ever appeared in the SSA data!  It’s the first time I’d ever seen it. 
  • Hollyn (4 years old).  Hollyn peaked the same year this girl was born (2013), when 66 girls were given the name nationally. 
  • Ichabud – Not Ichabod, Ichabud.  Deceased, mentioned in an obituary.  Could be a typo, but just as interesting.
  • Laird (likely in his 30s). 
  • Laverne (late 20s; female)
  • Rommel (late 20s).
  • Patriana (late 20s).  Patriana only appeared in the birth data once, in 2002.
  • Phillipa “Flip” (age unknown).  Philippa and other spellings have always been rare in the U.S., but this time I’m actually more interested in the nickname.  WDYT of Flip?
  • Yetta (mid-to-late 20s).

What do you think of these names?  Have you encountered any unusual names lately?  Personally, meeting a young Yetta made my day! 

11 thoughts on “Name Spotting!

  1. Basil is well known in the UK thanks to the character from comedy “fawlty towers”

    Laird is the Scottish word for chief/lord, or similar. Eg laird of the castle

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