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Below the Top 1000, Part 42 (Boys)

Today’s selection – boys’ names used only 6 times in 2015!  Since the U.S. data only goes down to names bestowed 5 times, this is the second-to-last post of boys’ names in this series (for 2015, anyway).  Including the girls’ names, there are three more after this one. 

  • 6 boys: Aariketh, Ab, Abdullatif, Abelino, Acacius, Acheron, Acxel, Adolphus, Adoni, Adoniah, Adoraim, Aesop, Agustine, Akhilles, Alameen, Alexios, Alistar, Alva, Alvar, Alwin, Ambrosio, Anatoly, Andrzej, Angeldejesus, Anker, Antares, Antjuan, Arafat, Arbor, Ariano, Arseniy, Ashot, Attilio, Auberon, Autry, Ayotunde, Azarel, Azariel, Baldwin, Bartolo, Beowulf, Bezaleel, Blythe, Bohannon, Bonham, Brace, Brand, Branko, Brasher, Braun, Brazil, Brenham, Brij, Brit, Bronze, Buxton, Calyx, Cambridge, Carwyn, Caster, Cayetano, Celio, Cervantes, Chamberlain, Chaplin, Charming, Clemens, Clovis, Corrado, Crews, Dajohn, Dallon, Danzig, Dee, Deimos, Delmer, Delwin, Devarious, Diem, Dimitriy, Din, Djibril, Dominus, Doug, Drax, Dyer, Eain, Eddiel, Einar, Eldric, Elisandro, Elnatan, Engel, Eno, Ericsson, Ernst, Essex, Ewing, Ezael, Ezekiah, Faustin, Fawkes, Fidencio, Fielder, Finbarr, Forester, Franck, Froilan, Gamalier, Gerber, Giordano, Godfrey, Gustaf, Hammond, Hanniel, Harding, Hatton, Hipolito, Hollister, Iakona, Iason, Iniko, Ioan, Iroh*, Iskander, Jacobson, Jamespatrick, Jash, Jaymason, Jeanmarc, Jenkins, Jenziel, Jephthah, Jerusalem, Jiho, Johnrobert, Jonesy**, Jovaniel, Kaikoa, Kaipo, Kaique, Kaliber, Kalyx, Kaos, Kartikeya, Kazuhiro, Kester, Khattab, Khoury, Kindred, Kingelijah, Kingjoseph, Kingmessiah, Kojo, Konan, Kristofferson, Kuyper, Lamaj***, Law, Lazlo, Leaf, Legolas, Leodan, Lesley, Linton, Linux, Obsang, Loxley, Lycan, Macson, Manley, Marston, Matej, Maurilio, Mcguire, Milano, Miroslav, Mowgli, Muse, Nahoa, Navier, Neon, Newman, Nicanor, Nivek, Octavis, Olanrewaju, Othello, Paddy, Peniel, Perez, Phelix, Philo, Power, Prophet, Psalm, Racer, Ralphie, Ramsay, Real, Red, Refugio, Richter, Riggen, Rod, Romulo, Savoy, Sebastiaan, Serge, Sheffield, Sigurd, Silvan, Silvester, Slevin, Snowden, Stalin, Stavro, Stoic, Taber, Thoreau, Toben, Tracer, Uilliam, Vasco, Victoriano, Vladyslav, Wardell, Webster, Willoughby, Wise, Woody, Xhavier, Xiomar, Yancarlos, Yeabsira, Yorick, Ysmael, Zender, Zurich

*Iroh – found the Avatar: The Last Airbender fans!

**Jonesy – this always reminds me of The Hunt for Red October

***Lamaj -> Jamal backwards.  Ramaj (Jamar) was also used 6 times in 2015.

What do you think of these names?  Love’ em, hate ’em?  Are you scratching your head at any?  Let me know in the comments! 

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One thought on “Below the Top 1000, Part 42 (Boys)

  1. This one is full of heroes and villains! Fawkes, Ramsay, Snowden, Loxley, Legolas, Othello and Yorick to name a few… I like Finbarr from Celtic mythology. I have always liked Einar, surprised it is so uncommon. Great list 🙂

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