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Below the Top 1000, Part 38 (Boys)

Today we have some boys’ names used only 8 times in 2015!  During this series, I’ve been posting selections of rare names.  We’re close to the end; the Social Security Administration‘s minimum threshold for publicly knowable baby names is 5 uses in a year.  Plus, the 2016 data will be out shortly!

  • 8 boys: Abdishakur, Aceyn, Addington, Adeolu, Afnan, Agasthya, Aladdin, Albion, Alcide, Aldric, Alhaji, Alma, Amando, Americo, Amius, Anfernee, Aquarius, Armstrong, Athens, Avelardo, Axe, Ayomikun, Azul, Barack, Barnes, Bates, Bravery, Brazen, Breyer, Broderic, Buchanan, Bud, Cabot, Caetano, Caliber, Casanova, Chijioke, Cletus, Cline, Coast, Colsyn, Crash, Daemyn, Dagmawi, Danger, Deep, Delante, Deleon, Delson, Denahi, Dennison, Derringer, Destan, Devine, Diallo, Diamante, Dio, Dionisio, Dipson, Douglass, Eland, Eliano, Eligio, Elishah, Elizeo, Emilson, Eon, Epic, Espn, Eustace, Faolan, Felton, Firdavs, Fitzwilliam, Frost, Gale, Gambit, Garfield, Gaspard, Gershom, Gregor, Guru, Helio, Hiroki, Hobbs, Hooper, Hunt, Idrissa, Ifeanyichukwu, Ignazio, Isiaha, Jacek, Jahziah, Jathniel, Jehan, Jeptha, Joaolucas, Karanveer, Kazimir, Kendriel, Kratos, Laban, Liston, Llewellyn, Maguire, Malone, Manases, Mckinnon, Mendeecee, Menelik, Micajah, Miqueas, Moath, Mofeoluwa, Moishy, Moo, Nashawn, Nephi, Newt, Obrien, Oconnor, Ogden, Olamiposi, Omero, Oxford, Peregrin, Pistol, Poet, Polo, Pookela, Quillen, Radford, Ralphael, Rama, Rameses, Rawlins, Redford, Rekker, Renard, Reuel, Reynold, Rhone, Robben, Rockland, Rollins, Romney, Royston, Rucker, Russ, Samba, Savier, Selwyn, Seraphim, Shahin, Shyheim, Sigmund, Sirus, Solon, Sparrow, Sukhraj, Sun, Sylvanus, Takeo, Tavarus, Timo, Tlaloc, Tracker, Trig, Tully, Viet, Vigo, Waldo, Warrior, Wilkes, Xachary, Yann, Yates, Yerachmiel, Zaccai, Zale, Zed, Zennon

Do you have any favorite names from this list?  Are there any names here that you hate?  General thoughts?  Let me know!  Me: I should have listed the names out of alphabetical order so we could play “Where’s Waldo?”

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