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Below the Top 1000, Part 37 (Girls)

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re having a good Friday and National Beer Day.  I celebrated the occasion with a dark Belgian brew (Brouwerij Honsebrouck, I think) that tasted rather of cherry-chocolate or port.  Yum!

Today’s selection of rare names covers some of the girls’ names used only 9 times in 2015.  The data comes from the Social Security Administration, which releases a list of America’s most popular baby names every year in May…along with many of the rarest!  The extended data includes almost all names down to 5 uses, so we’re pretty close to the end of this series for the year.  Regardless, the 2016 set will be out in a few weeks; are you as excited as I am?!

  • 9 girls: Abijah, Adalise, Adely, Africa, Agata, Aina, Ainhara, Alberta, Aliliana, Alyxandria, Alyzza, Amarachukwu, Amatullah, Amirykal, Annelie, Apphia, Aquila, Ashli, Ashwaq, Avenleigh, Avion, Ayaan, Baby, Babygirl, Beryl, Bessy, Bette, Bettie, Blu, Bostynn, Brendalyn, Brindle, Brindley, Briony, Brixley, Burkley, Byrdie, Calirose, Caroleena, Cartier, Cashlyn, Cayenne, Celestial, Chosen, Cicely, Courtnee, Crosley, Cyriah, Dacey, Daniyla, Darlynn, Dashley, Deangela, Demetra, Demoni, Despina, Diara, Dim, Disney, Dulcinea, Edwina, Eirene, Elania, Elba, Ellenora, Elorah, Envi, Espen, Espn, Ettel, Euphemia, Evian, Ewa, Ferris, Gilda, Gorgeous, Hallelujah, Harshini, Heavenlyjoy, Hebe, Hedy, Henriette, Icelynn, Ilsa, Iridessa, Itati, Izamar, Jagger, Jaianna, Jainaba, Jernee, Jerusha, Jettie, Jewelia, Jhanvi, Jilliana, Jimmie, Juneau, Kamala, Kani, Karielle, Karuna, Kattie, Kawthar, Kelbi, Keltie, Khi, Kinga, Kinsly, Kleo, Kmya, Kosisochukwu, Kristella, Kushi, Lala, Lalita, Leta, Liliani, Lisanna, Livingston, Loni, Lubna, Lynne, Madalee, Mahrosh, Maize, Makylie, Manasvini, Mariaines, Marilla, Mariposa, Marvelous, Matisse, Matylda, Maysoon, Meriem, Milcah, Mililani, Mills, Muslima, Nakota, Nature, Nazaret, Nelli, Nollie, Nuala, Nusayba, Nyalee, Oasis, Oceane, Ornella, Pemberley, Persephanie, Poetry, Qirat, Rafeef, Raffaella, Raphaelle, Rarity, Reveille, Rickayla, Rigby, Riot, Rola, Rubina, Sagal, Sakeena, Sare, Secret, Selby, Shaley, Sheva, Shulamis, Skyylar, Sole, Somer, Soul, Southern, Spoorthi, Success, Sugey, Sultana, Sway, Talulla, Tam, Teddie, Tehillah, Teresita, Tilden, Trejure, Trish, Tzippy, Umi, Vallie, Vidalia, Vivica, Wafa, Winslet, Yemariam, Yudith, Yuxi, Zabel, Zaelee, Zenith, Zeta

What do you think of these names?  Favorites, least-favorites?  And finally…did you celebrate National Beer Day?  If so, what did you drink? 🙂

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