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Below the Top 1000, Part 35 (Girls)

The results of the Twitter poll are in!  According to your votes, Autumn is the overwhelming favorite season baby name (60%).  Summer was the second-most popular, taking 20% of the votes.  Spring and Winter received one vote each.  Besides winning my poll, Autumn is the only of these names that’s currently in the American top 100.  Hmm…

And now, here’s a rather large selection of names…the last of the double-digits for the 2015 set!  The next few posts are going to cover the extremely rare names used under 10 times (down to 5 occurrences).  Today’s post covers just some of the many names given to 10 or 11 girls in the U.S. two years ago.  The data comes from the Social Security Administration, which releases new baby name information annually in May.

  • 11: Aariel, Aayushi, Adhvika, Adylee, Ailish, Akela, Alandra, Alene, Allora, Alonie, Aluel, Alyla, Amalea, Anam, Andelyn, Annabellee, Annalucia, Anthea, Aseneth, Astra, Asuna, Aunika, Averleigh, Aynsley, Azmina, Beautifull, Beauty, Bessie, Caitriona, California, Camdynn, Caoimhe, Carmelita, Celestia, Channel, Charisse, Charlestyn, Chidinma, Clementina, Cyann, Destine, Dianey, Dominga, Donatella, Drishti, Dunia, Elaria, Emilija, Estee, Evolett, Fleur, Galaxy, Galina, Gemini, Genesee, Gift, Graylee, Hanalei, Heartley, Heloise, Hoda, Iesha, Iola, Janelys, Jasmeet, Jeneva, Jonni, Junie, Kaithlyn, Kemper, Kestrel, Kharis, Khloi, Kiyoko, Konstantina, Kornelia, Laelia, Latisha, Lilium, Lilybelle, Lydian, Mahaley, Maryori, Maudie, Mayela, Mayelin, Megyn, Miyuki, Morelia, Nahara, Nefertiti, Neko, Nimco, Nivia, Noha, Olamide, Oliwia, Oneida, Orchid, Owynn, Pallas, Poet, Posy, Prabhleen, Prisca, Psalm, Rocket, Rosamund, Saddie, Sahily, Samanvitha, Santa, Saphyre, Seylah, Solomiya, Steele, Tahari, Tallie, Talon, Tashi, Temple, Timea, Tovah, Trust, Valeska, Varvara, Via, Whisper, Winner, Xayla, Yamilex, Yoseline, Zhane
  • 10: Achol, Adaira, Adamae, Adecyn, Adelheid, Adelind, Adriella, Aerie, Aero, Akyra, Albina, Aleksia, Ameia, Amily, Analilia, Annaelle, Annalyssa, Argelia, Asiana, Atlantis, Axelle, Azhar, Bareerah, Beckley, Belkis, Bellamia, Betul, Beyonce, Bijou, Bravery, Brigit, Carole, Cerise, Columbia, Copper, Cressida, Dabney, Darielis, Dniyah, Dresden, Dublin, Duchess, Elisabella, Elysium, Emmajane, Enola, Erandi, Esbeidy, Eulalie, Evanie, Faithful, Feliciana, Finola, Flannery, Flavia, Francia, Graciana, Hephzibah, Hero, Hilde, Ilithyia, Illyria, Jayceona, Jerusalem, Jochebed, Kahealani, Kauri, Kenyatta, Khadeejah, Kitty, Kona, Laelle, Larose, Laylonie, Lenah, Lissa, Liyat, Lyda, Lyrique, Magda, Maire, Marciana, Mariamawit, Maripaz, Marycatherine, Mattingly, Midori, Mirren, Morningstar, Nabeeha, Nasteho, Oceanna, Odilia, Parthenia, Providence, Rebelle, Rhealynn, Rodina, Ryilee, Salsabil, Sarahgrace, Shadow, Shanley, Siddhi, Sinead, Summit, Sunniva, Thaleia, Trinidad, Trixie, Tyjae, Vitalia, Yalexa, Yuleidy, Zakayla, Zeldy, Zeppelin, Zissel, Zoria, Zykeria

Questions?  Favorites?  Do you absolutely hate one of these names with a passion?  Let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Below the Top 1000, Part 35 (Girls)

    1. I love both Rosamund and Maudie! And that’s better than I expected for Rosamund, actually…if it weren’t for Rosamund Pike, I’m not sure Americans would have *any* familiarity with the name.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good to know! I think it’s decently popular, but I haven’t been lucky enough to catch the series yet. As far as I know, it’s not on Netflix. Maybe the library will have it…


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