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Below the Top 1000, Part 33 (Girls)

Hello!  I hope you’re having a good Saturday.

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And now, the names!  Today’s post includes some of the very unusual names given to only 12 or 13 girls in the U.S. in 2015, according to publicly-available data from the Social Security Administration.  The new 2016 data isn’t due out until May, we’re still discussing 2015 for now.

  • 13: Abena, Adabella, Afrah, Akylah, Alayziah, Altair, Amala, Americus, Angelik, Arista, Asenath, Athziry, Aunesti, Ayaana, Benelli, Beretta, Brazil, Canaan, Charline, Cheri, Christella, Citlally, Daily, Damiana, Devanshi, Dharma, Diva, Dmiyah, Dolce, Dutchess, Dynasti, Ebba, Edeline, Eilidh, Elisabetta, Elspeth, Eniola, Fenna, Graziella, Greenleigh, Hajra, Ibtisam, Ilia, Jaeleigh, Jeanie, Jermany, Jeweliana, Joceline, Katriel, Keiko, Khamiyah, Legacie, Lilac, Lilymae, Lisamarie, Lizmarie, Madonna, Maelys, Malie, Marwah, Maxima, Meiling, Miakoda, Momoka, Naava, Nainika, Neytiri, Oluwatomisin, Ondine, Pascale, Pearla, Peggy, Perpetua, Pixie, Porsche, Prim, Rishita, Ruchel, Sabriel, Seema, Shelley, Sonoma, Tricia, Tzirel, Ulani, Xinyi, Yaneisy, Yumna, Zita, Zoraida
  • 12:  Aalijah, Absalat, Adalida, Adalis, Aftyn, Alailah, Alianis, Alicja, Ameliyah, Annasofia, Anwen, Apolonia, Arrietty, Arshi, Ashari, Ave, Avenly, Avisha, Baya, Bhavya, Blessings, Bora, Brittain, Brucha, Calais, Catori, Cerys, Claudette, Clea, Cybil, Danielys, Danity, Darcey, Deepika, Deklynn, Delmy, Dhyana, Efrata, Elaf, Elianie, Emira, Ethel, Eugenie, Fancy, Fareedah, Freda, Fynnlee, Gaelle, Gardenia, Genie, Germany, Glendy, Grethel, Haidee, Haislee, Hava, Hiromi, Idalie, Irais, Islay, Jalayia, Jamaica, Janita, Jasani, Jenisys, Jerney, Jina, Jream, Kaiulani, Kamalani, Kamsiyochukwu, Kaymarie, Keatyn, Khalila, Khyleigh, Konstance, Korea, Kourtlynn, Leonela, Lilinoe, Linh, Mahathi, Mairin, Marabelle, Mariaguadalupe, Marielys, Maxie, Mayerly, Meridian, Merlin, Miagrace, Morgana, Namine, Nasreen, Ottilie, Petrona, Pollyanna, Prosperity, Quetzali, Rahel, Rainbow, Rmani, Rowena, Saadia, Sakinah, Sarabi, Shruthi, Sian, Sibyl, Sicilia, Sonnet, Syren, Tulip, Tulsi, Verenice, Zimal

Have any favorites or least-favorites?  General thoughts?  Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Apparently as many girls were named Merlin in the U.S. as Morgana in 2015.  What’s more – there are an equal number of girls with the spelling “Merlyn.”  Curious…

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