One Year of Blogging

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Hi everyone, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Today is my first blogiversary.

Last winter, I had to create my first blog for a university course.  I soon realized I could make a website to talk about my own favorite subject – names!  So on March 17th, 2016, I launched the Well-Informed Namer.  Things were slow at first, but through persistence and probably a good deal of luck, I’ve grown to be one of the top 40 baby name websites on the internet.  Feedspot released that ranking yesterday…and I must say, it’s a great surprise!

This blog has taught me so much over the past 365 days.  I’m definitely more tech savvy than I was before, and I have an easier time promoting my interests.  Whether this applies to names or other subjects, there’s something to be said about putting one’s thoughts into writing.  And for a niche hobby like mine, the internet provides an outlet that can’t usually be found in face-to-face interactions in schools and the greater community.  Without the internet, I’m not sure I’d have ever realized that there are other name-lovers, or indeed that I am one myself.

On this blogiversary, what I want to say more than anything is thank youThank you to my readers for reading.  Thank you to the people who comment on my posts and engage with me on my favorite subject!  And thank you to other name-writers and enthusiasts who’ve shared my articles or attached my URL to their blogrolls.  You are all fantastic support and help, and I eagerly await the future.

One year down; hopefully many to go! 

Bonus: My first ever blog post!  You can pinch me for writing about Greek names on St. Patrick’s Day. 

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