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Below the Top 1000, Part 32 (Boys)

Do you ever accidentally fail to recognize or mispronounce a common name because of context?  I saw Hazel listed directly below a very obscure Biblical men’s name and thought I was looking at another rare Biblical boys’ name that was pronounced like “Hah-sel.”  It took me a few seconds to realize why spell-check already accepted it!

Here are some of the names given to 12 or 13 boys in 2015, according to the Social Security Administration.  Each year, the SSA publishes information about America’s most popular names.  They also publish an extended list containing just about every name down to five occurrences, which is where these names come from.  

  • 13: Abdikadir, Aceton, Achillies, Adedamola, Akim, Amore, Antonius, Apollos, Arrington, Bannon, Barrington, Benz, Bernabe, Bertram, Cainen, Cecilio, Colm, Coltrane, Cope, Crosley, Daequan, Delvon, Dj, Dolan, Dujuan, Early, Edwyn, Eirik, Elohim, Eluzer, Emilian, Eris, Even, Finch, Florencio, Foxx, General, Grantley, Griffith, Haywood, Hermes, Hiroshi, Hiroto, Ikenna, Izzy, Janoah, Jedi, Kamen, Kincaid, Lakoda, Lestat, Linwood, Lyfe, Makani, Marcio, Messi, Parish, Porfirio, Quintavious, Ruairi, Sacha, Samwise, Sequoia, Sho, Sixto, Stan, Talmadge, Tex, Vega, Wyeth, Yannis, Yaroslav, Zandon, Zohaib
  • 12: Adrick, Aeon, Alcides, Aldous, Amour, Aodhan, Arlington, Balin, Balthazar, Bert, Bingham, Bolton, Bowe, Bran, Breslin, Buckley, Calhoun, Calixto, Cephas, Chadrick, Cobain, Constantin, Czar, Dagoberto, Dhani, Dijon, Dinero, Django, Doyle, DreuxEladio, Eliakim, Fabrice, Gatsby, Gemini, Guilherme, Hazaiah, Jessup, Kaliq, Kyrillos, Laurent, Lehi, Leomar, Leovanni, Ludwig, Lyman, Lynx, Marquee, Muhammadali, Nuchem, Orville, Osborn, Rafferty, Ramadan, Ramesses, Ringo, Schneider, Shooter, Siaosi, Sneyder, Spenser, Stanislav, Thanos, Theodoros, Torres, Tristain, Trust, Vijay, Xabi, Yanni, Yitzhak, Zebastian, Zinedine

What do you think of these names?  Let me know!

P.S. One thing that’s strange for me is how many names on this list actually belong to people I knew in high school or college!  I won’t say exactly which names I’ve encountered (for privacy), but I count 8 that I knew personally and another 2 or 3 that I heard about in passing.

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