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Below the Top 1000, Part 31 (Girls)

Happy Tuesday! 

Before I get into the real content of this post (the names!), I’d like to note a few changes to this site.  First, I eliminated the tag cloud because a) it was mainly aesthetic and b) I don’t know if anyone actually used it…or the category list, for that matter.  If you do use either of those tools, please let me know.  Secondly, I added a blogroll, meaning that you can scroll down and find a list of links to other websites about names.  Some of them have very specific and fascinating specialties – check them out if you get the chance!  Finally, I’ve edited my contact and info pages.  What was previously “About” is now “Who am I?”  Hopefully, these alterations will make my blog more user-friendly for y’all!

Anyway…the names!  Part 31 of this series covers extremely rare girls’ names used only 14 or 15 times in 2015.  The data comes from the Social Security Administration, which publishes America’s most popular baby names every year, plus an extended set for enthusiasts and researchers.  The 2016 set doesn’t come out until May, so we’re still talking about 2015. 

Enjoy this very long list! 

  • 15: Abria, Addilynne, Adelai, Adelita, Adessa, Alanys, Almira, Amisha, Anani, Angeliyah, Anshika, Ashna, Audreyanna, Azalynn, Azrielle, Bela, Binta, Blessed, Bonita, Bowen, Breezy, Cabella, Calypso, Catie, Chrisley, Claribel, Connelly, Darleen, Devani, Dominika, Dusty, Elinore, Emmamae, Estephania, Fariha, Gabbanelli, Gail, Gibson, Girl, Harvest, Heiress, Ioanna, Izadora, Juvia, Kalii, Kamylah, Karishma, Kc, Kentley, Kia, Laylee, Lilygrace, Lincy, Luanna, Lyrical, Mabelle, Maebelle, Maevis, Makynleigh, Manahil, Marit, Marybeth, Mayrani, Minnah, Mio, Mitzy, Myangel, Naraly, Nefertari, Ngozi, Novia, Noya, Pacey, Peightyn, Qamar, Raphaella, Reighlyn, Rhylynn, Robbie, Roux, Saanvika, Scottlynn, Shasta, Shylynn, Sloka, Soliyana, Sreshta, Starlet, Taisley, Taqwa, Tasha, Toryn, Tracie, Viva, Whitleigh, Wrigley, Xolani, Yaneliz, Yaritzel, Yashika, Zeriah
  • 14: Adalay, Aemilia, Afomia, Ajwa, Aleta, Alyxandra, Amazin, Amazing, Ameliarose, Amoree, Amparo, Anise, Anjelica, Anouk, Apple, Aqsa, Arietta, Athziri, Augustina, Avis, Aviv, Ayame, Azula, Bellany, Bethania, Beulah, Bless, Brexley, Briarrose, Calani, Callaway, Carlisle, Chapel, Chenoa, Christabella, Coretta, Coumba, Dash, Davida, Denia, Dominica, Dreama, Dynver, Edelyn, Elmira, Esli, Faithann, Feather, Ghazal, Ginevra, Haleema, Hampton, Haset, Honour, Inioluwa, Iszabella, Jadence, Janalee, Janelis, Jasnoor, Jaxsyn, Jazz, Jessamine, Jissel, Joniyah, Kamauri, Karrigan, Katina, Kaylor, Keani, Kerstin, Ketzaly, Khalilah, Kiandra, Kimiko, Koralynn, Krimson, Krithika, Kylia, Laiyla, Lareina, Lashae, Latavia, Letizia, Leyre, Lida, Lizet, Lorraina, Lucilla, Lucrezia, Lumina, Madelina, Marvel, Meriam, Meyer, Modesty, My, Myelle, Myrical, Myrna, Nairobi, Oluwanifemi, Paz, Phinley, Pietra, Raeanne, Reba, Reverie, Rosalba, Shams, Smriti, Stacia, Tahirah, Tailor, Talula, Tamsyn, Tasmia, Tigerlily, Toleen, Tris, Tzivia, Vashti, Vedanshi, Vienne, Wallis, Xareni, Xavia, Zillah, Zo

Thoughts?  Favorites?  Let me know in the comments. 

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5 thoughts on “Below the Top 1000, Part 31 (Girls)

      1. Yes — her parents said they named her after her aunt (who was still in Russia and never emigrated to the U.S.) Nonetheless, my Mom hated the name. She also had a brother named Edmund, called Eddie, so maybe she did not feel so unique. I have often wondered about the possible Russian origin — but I have never seen it in any baby name books! I think it is a lovely name.

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