American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 30 (Boys)

Hi everyone!  

Every so often, I post a selection of rare names used in the U.S.  The names you see below were given to just 14 or 15 boys in 2015, according to the Social Security Administration.  Why am I still talking about 2015 when it’s already 2017?  Answer: new popularity data for the U.S. is never released until May of the following year.  So, the 2015 data came out in May of 2016, and the 2016 data will come out in May of this year.

There are many extremely rare names in circulation.  Below, I’ve included a few of the more eye-catching ones.  Enjoy!

  • 15: Aiken, Antuan, Asaph, Avant, Ashe, Aviraj, Azzam, Barnabas, Brockton, Castor, Celestino, Chukwuebuka, Corinthian, Cruise, Elchonon, Emmerich, Eusebio, Ezariah, Franz, Gaius, Gennaro, Halo, Henrique, Huey, Isley, Ivo, Jazz, Jencarlo, Jenner, Jubal, Juvenal, Keahi, Kodiak, Konstantine, Lambert, Martino, Midas, Oswin, Peregrine, Philemon, Ralston, Righteous, Slayden, Tao, Tavish, Trooper, Turki, Tycho, Urias, Xzayvier, Xzayvion, Zoltan
  • 14: Alucard, Anchor, Archivaldo, Arjuna, Attikus, Avigdor, Avishai, Azaria, Azlaan, Baraka, Beauden, Betzalel, Bob, Brick, Bryn, Calogero, Chatham, Chip, Crockett, Esmond, Guthrie, Harsh, Helix, Jager, Keene, Kensington, Kirkland, Kirubel, Lando, Macarthur, Makoto, Massimiliano, Matisse, Maurizio, Melchizedek, Meshach, Montreal, Nels, Opie, Pharrell, Sherwin, Stafford, Thorsten, Tosh, Ulric, Victory, Wake, Warrick, Xerxes, Yehonatan

A couple of notes: 1) I wonder how many of the boys named Avant have “Garde” for a middle name and 2) Alucard is “Dracula” backwards.

Thoughts?  Favorites?  Least-favorites?  Let me know in the comments! 

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