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Below the Top 1000, Part 28 (Boys)

Happy New Year!  I realize that you all have heard very little from me over the past few months – that’s going to change.  I haven’t lost my passion for names (as if that could ever happen), but suffice it to say – 2016 caught up with me.  Thankfully, it’s a new year, and things are already looking up.  I recently met someone wonderful over a conversation on Puritan names, of all things.  Here’s to a great 2017! 

Here we are, back to business.  If you’re just turning in; every so often, I post a selection of rare names used in 2015 in the U.S.  This week’s selection includes names given to 16 or 17 baby boys, according to the Social Security Administration.  The 2016 data won’t be released until May, so we’re still working off of the 2015 data. 

  • 17: Ainsley, Amilcar, Arsenio, Asante, Bain, Bow, Bruin, Buster, Carlyle, Dewey, Djuan, Florian, Future, Gunter, Hercules, Jakye, Jens, Juanito, Kalix, Kenechukwu, Kenniel, Kingjames, Klein, Lain, Leonid, Lorne, Loyalty, Macallan, Marlowe, Martel, Marvel, Ned, Payne, Redmond, Rollin, Shadrach, Sheikh, Sully, Tadhg, Tavares, Teller, Trajan, Uzziel, Whitt, Zebulun
  • 16: Abdifatah, Ajax, Alp, Anselmo, Athanasius, Burhan, Chief, Chuck, Cleo, Colman, Cuauhtemoc, Dravyn, Elihu, Feliciano, Freedom, Gaetano, Hilton, Hyatt, Igor, Inigo, Jackston, Jafar, Juno, Kastiel, Kingdom, Knoah, Malvin, Marx, Maynard, Meshilem, Naaman, Neville, Oisin, Oleg, Oslo, Patterson, Percival, Roark, Rodriquez, Stark, Swayze, Tal, Taurus, Thaddaeus, Thai, Thunder, Tyre, Ulrich, Vaden, Webb, Zlatan

And yes, there really were equal numbers of boys named Hilton and Hyatt in 2015.  For the record, I didn’t find any Marriotts in the data. 

What do you think of these names?  Let me know in the comments!  I think my personal favorites from this list are Percival, Trajan, Inigo, Florian, Shadrach, Athanasius, and Ajax.

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