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Below the Top 1000, Part 27 (Girls)

Hi everyone!

Before I get into my usual list of rare names, I wanted to mention a couple of interesting sightings from this past week.  The first one was from a local obituary – a woman who had the middle name LaTishaLaTisha (or Latisha) isn’t an uncommon name, but this lady was born in 1950!  Either she changed her name at some point or her parents were avant garde; Latisha wasn’t a top 1000 name until 1969.  According to the SSA’s extended data, only 7 women born in 1950 had Latisha (or LaTisha) as a first name.  Who knows how trendy it was in the middle spot?

The other great sighting from this week was Anselm.  He was young too…between 18 and 25, I’d say.  Have you ever wanted to get to know someone because they had an intriguing name?  Unfortunately we were in a hurry, so I didn’t have a chance to ask about it…and even if I had, I was too awestruck to say anything.  Not only is Anselm rare (never been popular in the U.S.), but it’s one of my personal favorites. 

Anyway, here are some (first) names given to only 18 or 19 girls in 2015, according to data from the Social Security Administration.  Enjoy!

  • 19: Aide, Alisandra, Alva, Alyviah, Amarissa, Anahita, Anevay, Aurelie, AvantikaCashmere, Cherie, Consuelo, Duaa, Emmerie, England, Enid, Espyn, Evita, Freida, Honora, Isabeau, Jessabelle, Judea, Kalilah, Kanani, Karys, Katherina, Kortney, Ksenia, Kyrielle, Livian, Lolita, Lucila, Mahina, Margie, Marsha, Maybelline, Meenakshi, Mireille, Mumtaz, Nusaybah, Olivianna, Peace, Remmie, Renley, Rifky, Royalti, Saydie, Shakayla, Shoshanna, Sophina, Starlynn, Taliana, Tempest, Yarelis, Zelena, Zuleyma, Zurisadai
  • 18: Aberdeen, Aerin, Agustina, Ahava, Aibhlinn, Amory, Audi, Aza, Bluma, Brianda, Chaney, Charmaine, Chioma, Cyncere, Delayla, Eeva, Eliane, Emireth, Gauri, Geisha, Greenley, Gwynevere, Hanley, Havanna, Hazelyn, Honest, Imelda, Jaaliyah, Jerzi, Joplin, Klea, Kynzlie, Lovelyn, Lynnette, Maelle, Malone, Mariaclara, Mccall, Meerab, Meztli, Miroslava, Moana, Nautica, Nichelle, Penina, Perrin, Rani, Rhonda, Sanam, Saskia, Solomia, Taraoluwa, Teah, Tilda, Torah, Tytiana, Tzipporah, Ulyana, Ysabelle, Zendayah, Zuriel

What do you think of these names (and my name sightings)?

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2 thoughts on “Below the Top 1000, Part 27 (Girls)

  1. I think your name sightings are pretty cool! How exciting to meet your favorite name! My favorite boy’s name is Jasper. A few years ago I met a little Jasper maybe 5 years old with his mom. I told them I loved the name 🙂

    These girl names are interesting. I like Tempest, Greenley and Tzipporah. Was surprised to see that Margie and Lolita are so scarce, hmmm.

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  2. I had an similar obituary name sighting last year while I was reading up on some stories in my local newspaper (nonetheless, it did pique my interest). In this case, her name was Clowie and she was in her 90s when she died and, eventually, appeared in that particular death announcement.

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