American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 26 (Boys)

Greetings!  This week, I’ve selected some of the names given to only 18 or 19 baby boys in 2015.  My source is the Social Security Administration, which publishes America’s most popular baby names every year and also an extended list.  This extended set includes every name bestowed at least 5 times in that year, with very few exceptions.

Anyway, enjoy the names! 🙂

  • 19: Aeron, Albin, Alfie, Amogh, Anastasios, Arath, Artemis, Aviv, Aws, Bartholomew, Calloway, Cassian, Charlton, Creek, Darvin, Davinci, Drexel, Friedrich, Grover, Hannibal, Hendricks, Itai, Izael, Jaaziah, Joaquim, Judas, Kailash, Kartier, Kristoffer, Langdon, Lucan, Mateen, Maximos, Mousa, Myking, Ostin, Parrish, Redding, Roper, Sebastiano, Serafin, Taavi, Taiga, Theoden, Thoryn, Thurston, Tobiah, Tuck, Welles, Wheeler, Yuto, Zorian
  • 18: Adlai, Adric, Alban, Aloysius, Altair, Aquiles, Arun, Athanasios, Badr, Chantz, Dallis, Degan, Dmitriy, Eriberto, Etienne, Ezrael, Faustino, Frederik, Gable, Godwin, Gurfateh, Hewitt, Irwin, Jaking, Jayko, Johncarlos, Kainalu, Kamsiyochukwu, Kelsey, Khalifa, Kyllian, Lynkin, Manasseh, Mansour, Margarito, Mustapha, Napoleon, Olaf, Panagiotis, Prescott, Promise, Rand, Rich, Rockford, Rutledge, Seneca, Sneijder, Stanford, Thad, Townsend, Trigger, Ubaldo, Vivek, Woodson, Yehudah, Zayvier

What do you think of these names?  Let me know in the comments!

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