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Below the top 1000, Part 25 (Girls)

Hi everyone!  This week’s batch of rare names is rather large, and since this is only a selection of some names from the 20-22 range of the extended data…there are plenty more.  You’ll find many more girls’ names towards the bottom of the barrel than you will boys’ names.  Parents tend to be more creative when naming their daughters than their sons.  While the below names are currently far too rare for the American top 1000, the Social Security Administration notes that 78.81% of males born in 2015 were accorded names in the top 1000; only 67.90% of females born last year were also given top 1000 names. 

Anyways, enjoy!  And if any of you are participating in NaNoWriMo need character names, I hope this can be a resource to you. 🙂

  • 22: Adaliz, Aixa, Alabama, Albany, Arora, Ashleen, Avalene, Benita, Cleopatra, Cyan, Dalexa, Daviana, Dreya, Dru, Filomena, Inga, Ixchel, January, Jaylianna, Jeanelle, Jennavieve, Kadiatou, Kathlyn, Koralyn, Mable, Mamie, Montgomery, Munachimso, Nalaya, Nayelis, Noriah, Parnika, Persia, Phyllis, Riva, Rosabelle, Ruchy, Safari, Savvy, Tamsin, Tennyson, Thora, Winnifred, Yulia, Zaidee, Zoila, Zuly, Zunaira
  • 21: Aaralynn, Aissata, Amada, Analis, Aolani, Arcadia, Arella, Avital, Bergen, British, Ciel, Darling, Delfina, Devany, Elka, Ellanore, Erina, Fae, Frimet, Gurnoor, Harleyquinn, Idalia, Isolde, Joya, Kallista, Laramie, Lazaria, Liat, Lilou, Melaina, Neda, Niharika, Saffron, Solveig, Vanity, Viridiana, Willamina, Zuleika
  • 20: Aasiya, Adair, Adithi, Aella, Aerith, Allure, Aluna, Anberlin, Anoushka, Aveya, Beaux, Blue, Breslin, Camry, Chidera, Cosima, Deyanira, Dionne, Domenica, Evangelia, Evolette, Fatimata, Fawn, Ginny, Gracia, Isidora, Island, Isyss, Jalayla, Jood, Jovana, Kindle, Latoya, Lorenza, Loxley, Mccartney, Menucha, Rosey, Ruqayyah, Saylah, Sneha, Swayzee, Tynleigh, Vasilisa, Zamzam, Zoella, Zuzu

Thoughts on these names?  I’m curious about the origin of Zamzam, myself. 

If you’d like to see more rare names, here are the last five posts in this series:

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