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Below the Top 1000, Part 22 (Boys)

Hi everyone!  Ready for some rare names?

If you’re new to my site, welcome!  Once a week, I pick out some of the names in a particular range to present here.  The data comes from the Social Security Administration, which releases the top 1000 most popular American baby names every year plus an extended list including every name down to 5 uses that’s at least 2 letters long.  Today’s selection includes boys’ names used between 23 and 26 times in 2015.  Names colored blue are overwhelmingly male in usage, purple are unisex, and magenta are overwhelmingly female.

  • 26: Adonias, Amaru, Ashley, Azarias, Becker, Bray, Carrick, Dex, Dontavious, Dublin, Flavio, Freeman, Gunther, Jetson, Jotham, Kanye, Kiefer, Kingdavid, Lazer, Mister, Newton, Oswald, Rooney, Vladislav
  • 25: Amor, Arnoldo, Bosco, Captain, Clemente, Cleveland, Dirk, Elgin, Ellington, Giacomo, Gryphon, Hawthorne, Huckleberry, Jabez, Jupiter, Kepler, Laramie, Loic, Reeves, Rocket, Rogue, Sylvan, Tito, Vasilios, Vishnu, Wilton, Zadyn
  • 24: Amadeo, Artur, Baltazar, Banyan, Becket, Champion, Clancy, Coulter, Dimas, Exodus, Harbor, Hillel, Jurgen, Karthikeya, Khylan, Lion, Otoniel, Oz, Quincey, Richmond, Severin, Sharif, Shneur, Stirling, Taggart, Tavaris, Wyland
  • 23: Alphonse, Amory, Azazel, Bellamy, Boy, Braddock, Cato, Dreyden, Ernie, Escher, Evangelos, Gershon, Horace, Huston, Ismaeel, Jacinto, Kessler, Laszlo, Odysseus, Santonio, Styles, Talmage, Tysean, Wilfred, Yafet, Zeno

Thoughts on any of these?  Laszlo has always been one of my favorites. 

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