American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 21 (Girls)

Hey all!  Time for some rare baby names. 🙂

If you’re just tuning into this series, let me explain.  Once a week, I select some rare but totally real American baby names and post them.  The data comes from the Social Security Administration, which publishes a top 1000 list every May plus an extended set for research and hobby purposes. 

Below are just some of the first names given to 27, 28, or 29 baby girls in the U.S. last year: 

  • 29: Acelyn, Aishwarya, Angelita, Annastyn, Aurea, Azura, Bushra, Dorcas, Elektra, Etty, Everest, Getsemani, Hafsah, Jasmina, Joshlyn, Julienne, Kamri, Kollins, Laiklyn, Lindley, Marelyn, Marygrace, Matilde, Miraya, Mykenzie, Paradise, Quincey, Sachi, Sari, Shanice, Soledad, Svea, Tula, Wilma, Zerenity
  • 28: Aissatou, Alexie, Anyssa, Arlie, Ayomide, Braxton, Carmina, Chance, Cherokee, Cornelia, Debbie, Eliette, Freja, Habiba, Issa, Jumana, Kansas, Kit, Lakayla, Leidy, Lizzy, Lovina, Lucina, Lyllian, Magdalen, Muriel, Rainy, Rayann, September, Shanty, Sheena, Weslyn, Yumi, Zailynn, Zlata
  • 27: Aayla, Alida, Bahar, Betzaida, Bibiana, Breya, Cecile, Celestine, Chrislynn, Deirdre, Doreen, Favor, Glenda, Gwendolen, Hayat, Jacinda, Jo, Kirby, Leda, Loyal, Mahala, Mahnoor, Makeda, Marietta, Meryem, Nashly, November, Oliva, Pranavi, Radha, Railey, Roisin, Rumi, Safiyyah, Shia, Thelma, Unity, Xylia, Zaydee

What do you think of these names?  I have a couple of my own comments:

  • I’m not usually a fan of unique spellings – especially not for real words – but Zerenity has an edge to it that Serenity doesn’t have.  Zerenity is seriously cool.
  • Regarding Carmina: it’s too bad there’s no data on middle names.  Hopefully at least one of them has Burana in that second slot!  😀

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