American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 20 (Boys)

Happy Friday!  Announcement: my article about names in Netflix’s Stranger Things is being featured on Nameberry today!  Go check it out if you haven’t already read it. 🙂  

Anyway, it’s time for my weekly post of rare names!  The following names were bestowed upon 27-29 American baby boys in 2015, according to data from the Social Security Administration.  This post is a selection; meaning that not all the names in the data have been included here; consider this a sampler.  

Since there are more names concentrated towards the bottom of the pot, I will post relatively small ranges of names from here on out.  Eventually, I plan to post lists of names used only 5 or only 6 times, for example. 

  • 29: Adalberto, Aidric, Alias, Amon, Audie, Augusto, Burhanuddin, Cage, Cincere, Cord, Darron, Demoni, Dierks, Egypt, Findley, Gaspar, Hadrian, Homer, Jr, Karder, Keshaun, Kyrell, Lander, Latham, Mackenzie, Nam, Phinehas, Ripley, Rohen, Shlome, Torrey, Uri, Wilbur, Zadok
  • 28: Adi, Aleister, Amador, Amarius, Balian, Bentzion, Bless, Bogdan, Caelum, Carnell, Chapman, Coda, Crispin, Denali, Donato, Errol, Haydn, Indy, Josemaria, JozefKhi, Maximino, Nachman, Norberto, Padraig, Race, Servando, Tennessee, Tiger, Trapper, Whit, Zealand
  • 27: Ananias, Antwone, Audric, Beauregard, Benuel, Blessing, Buck, Buddy, Castle, Cristo, Dartagnan, Dietrich, Dre, Emeric, Gaston, Gianfranco, Gohan, Herschel, Jebediah, Joachim, Judge, Kofi, Mars, Matthieu, Md, Omri, Pascual, Praise, Quaid, Quest, Renly, Rigel, Savior, Ward

Thoughts, anyone?  

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