American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 19 (Girls)

Wow, it’s been 6 months exactly since I started this blog.  Thank you everyone for reading and encouraging me to continue writing about this rather unusual hobby. 🙂  Now let’s look at some names together!

This week’s post includes some of the many names to 30, 31, 32, 33, or 34 girls in the U.S. last year, according to data from the Social Security Administration.  Writers, if you’re looking for a really unusual character name, this list has plenty of monikers that fit the description!   

  • 34: Adelise, Annamaria, Berkleigh, Caprice, Dayelin, Envy, Henna, Ilene, Isamar, Junia, Lareen, Leilana, Lynley, Nohemi, Phoenyx, Sakina, Sheridan, Soren, Vanya
  • 33: Avalina, Akemi, Blessyn, Britain, China, Dolores, Eleonora, Husna, IlseImogene, Jacinta, Jolina, Khushi, Koraline, Meela, Nandini, Oluwadarasimi, Ora, Quetzalli, Rogue, Saori, Stormi, Topanga, Yessica
  • 32: Amayrani, Ameenah, Anabia, Annasophia, Barbie, Daisha, Emelina, Essie, Gweneth, Jania, Karaline, Leliana, Mariafernanda, Meklit, Minna, Nicoletta, Oumou, Rosaline, Rosslyn, Seneca, Unknown, Vega, Windsor
  • 31: Ahtziri, Anastazia, Annalicia, Antonina, Bradleigh, Bryndle, Calissa, Dynasty, Ezrah, Irena, Jatziry, Jemimah, Katelin, Letti, Locklyn, Mirella, Nashley, Odyssey, Parisa, Praise, Shifra, Solara, Theadora, Yajaira, Yazleemar
  • 30: Amarachi, Anh, Atarah, Atlas, Berlyn, Bertha, Betsabe, Blimy, Chastity, Clarabelle, Cortana, Dolly, Elma, Emonie, Eveline, Favour, Forever, Gloriana, Janis, Katniss, Lakshmi, Lujain, Mariska, Naydelin, Orla, Priyanka, Queena, Scotland, Spirit, Stephania, Vita

What do you think?  I’m curious about the fact that there are almost as many girls named Jemimah (31) as Jemima (35).  That, and Unknown.  How does someone born in 2015 still end up with Unknown, assuming that’s a designation and not an actual name? 

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