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Below the Top 1000, Part 17 (Girls)

Before I move on to my weekly selection of rare names, I have an announcement: my article on car baby names was just featured on Nameberry!  Go and check it out. 🙂

With that, let’s look at some of the names given to between 35 and 39 American baby girls last year! 

  • 39 uses: Airam, Akasha, Alethea, Analucia, Arizbeth, Avionna, Brennan, Chrisette, Corrie, Damia, Delta, Dottie, Esty, Eulalia, Fraidy, Goddess, Hera, Jailee, Jeanne, Kenza, Leonie, Lian, Marcia, Nashla, Olympia, Reginae, Shivani, Taelor, Xaria, Yuridia
  • 38: Annora, Atara, Ayala, Azuri, Chanell, Dilynn, Divinity, Gigi, Huntley, James, Jewell, Jizelle, Keaton, Lavina, Michal, Nivea, Odalys, Tauriel, True, Wisdom, Zenaida
  • 37: Adora, Alix, Amity, Asmaa, Camelia, Chizaram, Clio, Dorothea, Enya, Hennessy, Ivanka, Jetta, Joely, Lark, Mela, Munira, Myasia, Neely, Onyx, Passion, Rafaela, Salwa, Skylie, Sonora, Tea, Tory, Tziporah, Winona
  • 36: Adore, Amour, Chantelle, Elowen, Eugenia, Gretel, Ilona, Jill, Manasvi, Moxie, Nazareth, Quinley, Reed, Remedy, Rooney, Trina, Vaishnavi, Zoelle
  • 35: Aerial, Athalia, Azure, Brady, Carlin, Chassidy, Dempsey, Elida, Georgette, Gianella, Gisella, Jemima, Jessenia, Lorna, Maddalena, Maebry, Mahalia, Maryama, Maybelle, Niamh, Novella, Phaedra, Seven, Solange, Thais, Zeina

Thoughts, anyone?  Interesting that Enya is still influencing baby names…has she released anything lately? 

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8 thoughts on “Below the Top 1000, Part 17 (Girls)

  1. Hey congratulations! That’s so cool. Getting your writing featured is always such an exciting and encouraging experience. I love rare names. Guarantee you mine would be up there too! Hahah. Tauriel huh. I see we have some LoTR fans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! OK…now I’m curious about your name. XD

      As for Tauriel…more like Hobbit film fans. Tolkien didn’t create the name or the character. Sorry if I sound pedantic or annoyed there…I’m still mad about the CGI in the Hobbit trilogy! The LoTR series looked (still looks) so much better, and they didn’t have to split the books into two or three films each to do it.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. No you’re right. My bad for not specifying. Believe me I couldn’t believe the poor editing and money-grabbing in Hobbit. What the hell did they DO to Orlando Bloom’s face?! So I am curious to see how rare my name is. What source do you recommend? I’ll check that first before saying anything because I don’t wanna be all talk and no walk. Maybe I’m just rare in my neck of the woods. Hahah.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, if you’re looking for raw data, you can download state or national statistics from the Social Security Administration. Here’s the link to their extended data sets:

        I also recommend and Especially that second one. You can look there for a graph of your name’s usage over time. Behind the Name is useful if you’re looking for an origin or namesakes.

        Having read your blog, I understand you’re Filipino? Do you by chance have a double first name? Because that itself might appear differently in stats.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks for the resources. And yes I am Filipino and yes I have a double first name! I mean, the Filipino part was obvious but DANG you’re good! You even know Filipino name trends? Hahah. But I’m strictly talking about the first-first name, as that is the one I use and only my legal name has the second half.

        Liked by 1 person

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