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Below the Top 1000, Part 16 (Boys)

It’s a beautiful and sunny Saturday!  Between sipping my coffee, cloud-gazing, and listening to The Cure, I’m also thinking about names.

As it happens, it’s that time of the week when I post my weekly selections of rare names.  So – here are some of the baby boys’ names in the 35-39 range!  Remember, these are all actual first names and the number of times they were given, according to Social Security birth data for 2015.

  • 39 times: Able, Banner, Boe, Breccan, Chadwick, Domani, Edgardo, Edric, Esau, Frederic, Lino, Neftali, Rye, Scotty, Sevyn, Walden, Yannick
  • 38: Alexei, Branch, Elden, Elnathan, Fenton, Hatcher, Heber, Klaus, Makoa, Maxime, Nazareth, Raj, Renner, Riddick, Tallon, Wayland, Zacarias
  • 37: Aldair, Champ, Chet, Christ, Cross, Cutler, Dana, Elimelech, Espen, Evans, Fausto, Hadley, Jeb, Khalif, Loukas, Maher, Pietro, Reeve, Saint, Whitaker
  • 36: Alasdair, Alder, Arsen, Charbel, Clarke, Dmitry, Draco, Hogan, Hubert, Ilya, Kashmir, Keane, Kota, Lexington, Luisangel, Maximilliano, Mercer, Navy, Oakland, Qasim, Rainer, Ramone, Rook, Seeley, Urban, Yug, Zebulon, Zidane
  • 35: Abdoulaye, Asiel, Avyukt, Brenner, Carlisle, Cashmere, Chael, Cloud, Colsen, Devonta, Divine, Eamonn, Elie, Eliud, Fulton, Garrick, Giuliano, Horacio, Kwame, Kylo, Osias, Quade, Quran, Rigo, Royale, Sasha, Tj

What do you think of these names?  And does Boe remind anyone else of the Face of Boe from Doctor Who? 

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