American Names

Below the Top 1000, Part 15 (Girls)

Happy Saturday! 

This week’s selection includes girls’ names that appeared on 40 to 44 American girls born in 2015, according to data from the Social Security Administration

  • 44: Aine, Beau, Beth, Brihanna, Cambry, Caterina, Evianna, Griselda, JettKerrington, Lakelynn, Maelie, Manal, Maven, Mei, Mirabel, Nubia, Pessy, Rainey, Rhoda, Sapphira, Scottie, Tammy
  • 43: Aeryn, Alara, Bronwyn, Chimamanda, Constanza, Elva, Eshaal, Heavenlee, Hendrix, Keturah, Maribelle, Maureen, Shelly, Srinika, Vale
  • 42: Aicha, Amalie, Amariana, Arisbeth, Camari, Cherry, Clarice, Divina, Emiko, Hadasa, Halley, Lexa, Lumen, Maeva, Mishka, Portia, Trista, Vianna, Zoha
  • 41: Addy, Amore, Anela, Blossom, Bowie, Dhriti, Elienai, Helene, Jupiter, Lanae, Mali, October, Posey, Queenie, Valentine, Valkyrie, Vittoria, Zenobia
  • 40: Angeles, Aster, Ayelet, Cypress, December, Ekaterina, Jaleesa, Jamileth, Jessalynn, Kamara, Leonor, Maxwell, Milliana, Monet, Renesmae, Roma, Silver, Ursula, Zaara

What do you think of these names?  Let me know in the comments!

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