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Magenta, Crimson, and Marigold: Warm Color Names


Some names you can actually visualize! Plenty of colors are also people’s names. 

Here are some warm-color names that U.S. parents gave to their children in 2015, according to data from the Social Security Administration. I covered the blues, greens, and purples yesterday in this post: Violet, Azure, and Emerald: Cool Color Names.  If you’re looking for some vibrancy, these lists are for you!

Magenta – 7 girls. 

Pink – 5 girls. I imagine they’re named after the pop singer, but you never know. 

Rose – #166. This is one of those names that just so happens to be a color too, rather than the other way around. Classic Rose lies in the midst of a revival!

Cerise – 10 girls. 

Ruby – #83. 3433 girls were named Ruby last year. 

Carmine – 150 boys.

Auburn – 52 girls and 5 boys.

Crimson – 62 girls and 37 boys. On a side note, the juxtaposition of this name with the above name makes me think of a certain two Alabama universities and their football rivalry…hmm.

Red – 6 boys.

Scarlet – #375 in the U.S. Spelling variant Scarlett ranks at #22.

Mahogany – 79 girls. 

Coral – 199 girls.

Marigold – 66 girls. 

Amber – #334. This gem is apparently starting to grow outdated, considering peak usage was in the 80s. 

Gold – 5 girls. Golden, however, is unisex (28 boys, 17 girls). 

Lemon – 8 girls. As far as fruity names go, Apple is a little more popular with parents at 14 uses. 

What do you think of these names? I find it curious that only the reds seem to enjoy any popularity for baby boys.


3 thoughts on “Magenta, Crimson, and Marigold: Warm Color Names

  1. Wow! That’s amazing information. I haven’t met anyone with any of these names yet (well cause I live in India). The cutest of these names has got to be Lemon. I mean c’mon, how adorable.

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