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Violet, Azure, and Emerald: Cool Color Names


The color wheel provides some fantastic naming inspiration!  Let’s look at some of the cooler hues (i.e. blues, greens, and purples) and see how popular they were as baby names in 2015!

Olive – An old-fashioned name, this recently made a comeback. 10 years ago it ranked below the top 1000, but last year she ranked #264! 

Harlequin – I was more surprised to find out this was a shade than a name. People will name their children after anything, Harlequin Romances included. In 2015, this name was given to 5 girls in the U.S., as was variant Harlequinn. There’s also a possibility that Harley Quinn from DC comics (Suicide Squad, anyone?) was the namesake instead, especially for Harlequinn…21 girls were named Harleyquinn, after all.

Kelly – For the longest time, this was unisex. It finally fell off the charts as a boys’ name in 2002; 2015 saw only 101 male Kelly‘s. As a girls’ name, it currently ranks #468. 

India – 261 girls, but not quite in the top 1000.

Hunter – #41 for boys and #786 for girls. Hunter, which only reentered as a girls’ names in 2013, was even more popular for women born in the 90s. 

Emerald – 193 girls and 6 boys. Usage is more likely tied to the gem, though this could also honor Irish heritage. 

Teal – 24 girls and 9 boys.

Robin – as in “Robin Egg Blue.” Robin returned to the top 1000 last year as a boys’ name, most likely because of Robin Williams’ 2014 passing. Current rank: #971.

Cyan – 24 boys and 22 girls.

Aqua – 6 girls. I don’t think this name (or the band) will ever live down the Barbie Girl association.

Azure – 35 girls and 16 boys. 

Liberty Currently ranking #558, Liberty has only become steadily popular since 9/11. 

Independence – Another patriotic color name, but only given to 5 girls last year. If you’re looking for something truly rare, this is it.

Blue 50 girls and 31 boys. I’ve heard there are celebrity connections with this name, but all I can think of is that song from Iron Man III

Navy – 116 girls and 36 boys. 

Indigo – 119 girls and 50 boys. If you like plants more than places, this is a great alternative to Indiana

Violet – the most popular of the color-names, this is the only one in the American top 100! Current rank #50. 

Royal – as of 2015, Royal charts for both genders – #465 for boys and #752 for girls. 

Lavender – 60 girls. Like several other names on this list, it’s both a color and a flower. It also reminds of Lavender Brown, a character in the Harry Potter series. Yes, that really is her name.

Lilac – 13 girls. 

What do you think of these names? Personally, it’s interesting for me how much a few of the names evoke 90s nostalgia.

Check back later for a post on warm-color names! 

5 thoughts on “Violet, Azure, and Emerald: Cool Color Names

  1. As someone with a very unique and very personal story for both his first and last names, I have always been interested in learning from others why they are named such and how well it fits them. There are some fascinating insights into trends and movements that you bring to light when it comes to society and naming.

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