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Below the Top 1000, Part 10 (Boys)

Wow, have I really been at this series for 10 weeks?  That’s amazing!  Anyway, here are some of the names given to between 50 and 69 boys in the U.S. last year, according to data from the Social Security Administration. 

Boys names in the 50-69 range:

  • 65-69: Akiva, Antwon, Jeter, Loyal, Virgil, Zeppelin, Baxter, Jacobo, Krishna, Manolo, Croix, Cutter, Holt, Jaren, Lex, Osiel, Yohan, Akhil, Amadeus, Aram, Hosea, Journey, Lenin, Radley, Scout, Seven, Willem, Wynn, Aziel, Cru, Eros, Orson
  • 60-64: Adonai, Finlay, Hendrik, Jeronimo, Oswaldo, Zyair, Azrael, Bradford, Elio, Pax, Elton, Federico, Granger, Nahum, Ridley, Tyrion, Crawford, Marius, Riot, Trayvon, Yuri, Ignatius, Jedediah, Shay
  • 55-59: Caine, Jeshua, Laurence, Woodrow, Abelardo, Alston, Burke, Conan, Joah, Percy, Sven, Thane, Wolf, Alain, Domenico, Domingo, Eoin, Kalani, Octavius, Adair, Amadou, Finnick, Mordecai, Sagan, Sampson, Aziz, Chauncey, Emile, Hero, Nile, Shaquille
  • 50-54: Booker, Claudio, Heston, Kemper, Leslie, Robinson, Stewart, Stockton, Bowie, Conway, Emrys, Johannes, Kirby, Naftali, Niall, Basil, Copeland, Elwood, Leviticus, Mace, Michaelangelo, Claude, Perseus, Reef, Thayer, Creighton, Daemon, Edson, Iain, Roosevelt

What do you think of these names? 

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