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One Star: Baby Names Popular in Only 1 State (Boys)

Baby naming differs from continent to continent, country to country, region to region, and even state to state.  A name that may be a favorite in one place might be almost taboo or strange in another.

Earlier this week, I posted the girls’ names that only appeared in the top 100 most popular names-list of one U.S. state or Washington, D.C., according to data from the Social Security Administration.  As promised, here are the boys’ names!

Alaska: Maximus, Mark, Paul

Arizona: Francisco

Arkansas: River

California: Emiliano, Matteo

Delaware: Richard, Caiden, Avery

District of Columbia: Sean, Anderson, Nasir, Jaden

Florida: Nicolas

Hawaii: Skyler, Kainoa, Keanu, Titan, Kaimana, Legend, Zion, Cody

Idaho: Archer, Spencer

Maryland: Bryan

Michigan: Ali

Minnesota: Mohamed, Louis

Mississippi: Dallas, Cayden, Kameron, Peyton, Karson

Montana: Kyler, Zane, Gideon, Tanner

New Jersey: Chaim

New York: Steven

New Mexico: Andres, Cruz

North Dakota: Crosby

Rhode Island: Grant, Lorenzo, Aidan, Derek

South Carolina: Messiah

Texas: Victor, Jorge

Utah: Benson, Boston, Nixon, Daxton

Vermont: Keegan, Milo

West Virginia: Trenton, Remington

Wyoming: Gunnar, Grady


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